WOO 2.0 Performance Tracker


WOO 2.0 is the next evolution of WOO. Here's what's included:

Wakeboard Mode. A new sport with it's own community and scoring system. The WOO can now score air tricks in the cable park and behind the boat, giving riders a session report and session score that helps progress their riding and feed the competition!

Advanced Kite Big Air Algorithm. More consistent and more accurate, including a marked reduction in false detections.

WOO Kite Freestyle Mode. A new mode for kiteboarding, Freestyle scores tricks performed with the kite low and adds a new element to the game for freestyle riders.

New manufacturing process. Better plastics and sealing mean fewer warranties and happier riders!

New WOO App for iOS and Android. Covering both kiteboarding and wakeboarding, the new app supports both communities within one App.

Expanded Leaderboards. Kite Freestyle, Kite Big Air, and Wakeboarding modes!

New eco-friendly packaging. Less plastic, 100% recyclable.

There is a lot more information to share, but for now we wanted to keep things simple.  If you have specific questions please let me know.  Otherwise expect more information to follow next week.  WOO 2.0 should be really exciting for everyone.  WOO will again push the technology and sport in a whole new direction, we are stoked to start this next chapter with you.


Put your riding on a global stage - with WOO you can share, compare, and compete worldwide. Everyone from local first-timers to international pros are posting their sessions and sharing their stoke. Join the community and see how you stack up on the WOO leaderboards. 

The WOO currently only has an app for Apple devices. As per their site, the android app should be released soon.  


  • 9-axis motion sensor Detects the kinematic energy from your board to capture jump data.
  • Bluetooth Wireless sync with your iOS device while on the beach - no computer required.
  • Waterproof Completely sealed to protect against damage.
  • Shockproof Designed to take a beating and keep on recording.
  • Corrosion-resistant Four contacts on the device maintain their connection after repeated contact with salt water and sand.

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