2023 / 2024 Duotone Hybrid SLS Kite Surfboard

2023 / 2024 Duotone Hybrid SLS Kite Surfboard

Sizes : 5'0", 5'2", 5'4"


Art.-No. 44230-3452

Looking for the most versatile board you can buy, the Hybrid SLS is a foil board, strapless freestyle machine, and a wave ripper! A unique base design allows it to become three boards in one, perfect for travelling or when space is limited at home. You’ll never have the wrong board at the beach again!

Key Features

Duotone Hybrid SLS

One For All - Surf and Foil

The Hybrid SLS is a foil board, strapless freestyle machine and a wave ripper - all in one; the clever design allows you to take just one board to the beach, no matter the conditions.

Compact Shape

The small shape with a cut off nose and tail is perfect for travelling and when space is at a premium.

Foil Mount and Footstrap Inserts

The unique four-point foil mount saves on weight and allows the board to flex in a uniform manner, and the foot strap inserts give you even more options for your style of riding.

Innegra Shield

The Innegra Shield completely wraps around the whole board; this provides unrivalled protection from everyday knocks and scrapes and keeps your board looking fresh.

Cork Shock Absorber 2.0

Comfort for your feet, the Cork Shock Absorber 2.0 takes the pressure off your heels while providing perfect contact with the board to transfer your movements into the wave.

Carbon Beam

The Carbon Beam injects a high level of response and flex, making the board feel alive underfoot.

SIZES 5'0" x 18" x 2 1/16" 5'2" x 18 1/2" x 2 3/16" 5'4" x 19" 2 5/16"
VOLUME 20.3L 22.9L 25.6L
WEIGHT 50-70kg 70-90kg >85kg
BOARD WEIGHT* 3,26kg 3,48kg 3,73kg


Duotone Hybrid SLS

The Hybrid SLS is based on the Whip shape, but with a modified bottom channel and a foil attachment. The Hybrid SLS can be used as a kitesurf board or a foil board. Our unique four-point foil mount is lighter than conventional tracks and still allows the board to maintain necessary flex in the mounting area when used as a surfboard. An excellent small to medium wave kitesurf board or an all-round free ride foil board, the Hybrid SLS makes an excellent travel board to cover all your surfing and foiling needs with one single board. The SLS Construction, gives a lively feeling underfoot and makes for a great connection to the foil, giving you total control. The Hybrid SLS is an unbelievably capable board; no matter how you choose to ride it, simplify your quiver with the most versatile board you can buy.

Tech Features

Duotone Hybrid SLS

Innegra SLS surfboard

Innegra is the reason for the predictable feel of a polyurethane surfboard, combined with liveliness, durability, dent resistance and incredible light weight. The weight reduction was achieved by replacing fiberglass with Innegra.

Cork Shock Absorber 2.0

Cork offers excellent absorption characteristics and reforms entirely without leaving any visible dents in contrast to PVC. Therefore, it is applied as a damper in the heel area of the surfboards.

Strapped or strapless

Board is delivered with inserts so straps can be mounted.

Grab Rails

Grab Rails for easier freestyle tricks, durability and comfortable general riding.

Responsive Flex

Using bamboo in our surf boards, we take full advantage of the dynamic qualities of this natural product. Optimized layers and the mix with composite materials help us to construct powerful, agile and versatile surf boards that come with a unique flex – responsive flex!


All boards now come with our own Futures Fins compatible fin boxes. Two side set screws and no rear tab allow for a wider tolerance of fin fitting and ensure a perfect and tight fit every time whether you’re using our high quality composite fins or any stock after market Futures brand fin. Easy to install and uninstall even with Sand and Salt.

4-Point connection Foil Mount

The fully integrated 4-point mast connection has minimum influence on the weight and flex of the board to keep its surf characteristic while giving you a solid connection to the foil. Especially for traveling, this versatile combination is perfect to travel with only one board.

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