Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling Questions

When will you tell me the Meet Time for my session? We will send an email no later than 9pm (and usually by 7pm) on the eve before your scheduled session date. The email will say one of two things:
  • Email Contains Meet Time for tomorrow. 
    • Reason: The forecasts are in general agreement so we have chosen the 3 hour window of most likely kiteable wind.
    • Email Contains: There will be an update email tomorrow no later then 1pm IF THE WIND LOOKS KITEABLE. We will try to provide a 3 hour advanced notice when possible (PLEASE let us know how much lead time you need to arrive at the center and if you need to leave at a certain time!)
      • Reason: The various forecasts models are not in agreement OR there is potential for wind that is not predictable by traditional forecasts (ie. Afternoon Thermals very common in summer months)
    PLEASE NOTE:  This follow-up email to be sent on the day of your scheduled session will only be sent IF the wind picks up. It will always be sent by or before 1pm. We try to give 2 -3 hours notice so that you have ample travel time. If it is after 1pm and you have not received an email, it means that the wind has not picked up enough and there will be no lessons. Please understand that we will try to send an email regardless of the outcome, but if your are concerned, feel free to call 631 691 0793 for an update.

    Is the Meet Time the same for lessons as it is for advanced riders? We typically have one meet time per windy day. We try to choose the three-hour window with the best-forecasted wind. All lessons and riders have the same meet time. 

    When are lessons offered? Lessons are offered every day during which there is wind. This includes weekends and holidays and even in the rain. The session may BEGIN anytime between 8am and 3:30pm, which means you could be out on the water as late as 7pm. Generally, frontal wind generated by approaching weather systems can come at any time of the day or night. When there is no frontal system, we look out for local thermal winds coming off the ocean and across the Bay. For thermal wind, the start time is usually anywhere from 12 to 3:30pm. If there is no wind on the day of your lesson, you can reschedule for another day. If you have selected a date on the schedule, we expect you to be available for a meet time at any point between 8am and 3:30pm. It is your responsibility to let us know – before the Cancellation Period – if you have time conflicts at any point during the day.

    How do I book/schedule my session? Please call us at the shop or email with your top three preferences for dates. Please note that payment is required in advance for all sessions. 
    What happens if I need to CANCEL? Please see our Cancellation Policy
    Why do I keep being put on the Wait List?  Lessons tend to book up approximately 2 – 3 weeks in advance, especially for the weekends. To avoid the waitlist, it will almost always mean selecting dates well before you know if there will be wind. This is true for lessons AS WELL AS advanced level rider spots.
    The last time(s) I came, we had to wait for the wind – is the meet time loose, do I HAVE to arrive on time? The meet time is NOT LOOSE. We do our best to maximize your time on the water while minimizing the time waiting for wind. However, waiting for wind is a huge part of kiteboarding and everyone must “earn their stripes,” so to speak. We would rather have you here and ready to go when the wind unexpectedly dies than not here when that small chance of wind turns into a full-blown afternoon thermal! There are many factors that go into wind prediction, including localized effects that do not show up on any of the forecasts. We hope that you’ll put your faith in us we have predicting wind for years!


    Forecasting Questions 

    How do you predict the wind? We predict the wind using a variety of forecasting tools which you can access on our website under the Weather Tab. We never rely on one forecast. We look at all the forecasts together, combined with our knowledge of localized effects in the area such as the afternoon “thermal” effect during the warmer months.

    Can we ride any wind direction?  Yes!  We can ride safely in any wind direction since the riding area is surrounded by land in all directions and we have boat and jetski support.


    Lessons Questions

    Where do lessons take place? The "Preflght" land lesson takes place on the field across from our shop. For water lessons, we shuttle you via jet ski out to the grassy islands in the Great South Bay and we launch from the marsh islands. As a result, we cannot accommodate for traveling companions to come out and watch/take pictures.

    How many students will be in my lesson? There will be no more than four students in the Preflight (land-based) Lesson. All water lessons are two students, one instructor, and one kite.
    Can I bring my friends, family, loved ones to watch me kite? If you are bringing a SPOUSE, SIGNIFICANT OTHER, or FRIEND, please be aware that our lessons take place on an island that is roughly 2 miles from the NY Kite Center. Unfortunately, they will not be able to accompany you on the boat. There is a small beach very close to NYKC, but non-lesson takers will not be able to see or be with you during the lesson. They should know you will be gone for 3 to 4 hours minimum. Long Island has everything to offer, and there will be plenty of things for them to do if they have a car, but plan accordingly so everybody drives home happy
    What if I need/want to come back early from the water? Safety is our number one priority, and we schedule our on-water support staff in advance of the session so that we always have support in a worst-case scenario. Please inform us when you must depart and we will try our best to accommodate, however, it is not likely we can.

    For water lessons, we shuttle you via boat and jet ski out to the grassy islands in the Great South Bay and we launch from the marsh islands.

    Do I share the kite with another student during my lesson? Yes. We have found that one of the most effective learning methods is watching another student. Once you are not attached to a kite, it is much easier to digest what the instructor is saying and see how it applies to a real-life scenario, what works, and what doesn’t. We offer 1 on 1 lessons, subject to instructor availability (usually not available on weekends). However, we have found that three hours is often too long for a 1 on 1 lesson, especially in the initial stages of learning.
    Can I use my own gear during my lesson? We have every piece of gear available for rent or purchase in our shop. During your lesson, we encourage you to use your own harness. However, the opposite is true for the rest of your gear. A day of kiteboarding can be quite hectic due to several factors outside of our control such as gusty conditions, errant beginners, and even errant non-beginners! In an effort to reign in the elements and maximize safety, we require students to use NYKC-inspected-and-approved school gear. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to beat up on your own equipment!
    I have taken lessons before, how do I determine my level? Talk to us and we will fit you into the best course for your level.


    What to Bring

    I have to leave in 5 minutes, what do I need to bring with me?! We have pretty much everything you need! This list was created to help remind you of what to grab while you’re running out the door. If you do not own any of these items, do not worry we have all the essentials! Towel, Toiletries,  Wetsuit, Booties, Gloves, Harness, Board, Kite(s), Bar(s), Leash, Dry bag, Hydration Pack, Helmet, GoPro, Sunglasses.
    What do I have to wear? Due to insurance requirements, all students must wear a HELMET, LIFE VEST, WETSUIT, and BOOTIES during the lessons. We provide FREE USE of HELMETS and LIFE VESTS; We DO NOT provide wetsuits and booties, however. NY Kite Center has booties, wetsuits, and rash guards available for purchase and rent.
    What if I don’t own a wetsuit or booties? NY Kite Center has booties, wetsuits, and rash guards available for purchase and rent.
    Are there showers at the Kite Center? Yes, we have two showers. Don’t forget your shower sandals, shower toiletries, a towel, and a bag for your wet gear!
    Should I bring food and drink? Yes! You will be HUNGRY after your session. Bring a snack (hard pieces of fruit work great!) to leave in the boat or jet ski (in a plastic bag or your dry bag). You may also want to bring lunch if the meet time is anytime between 8am and lunchtime. We may need to wait for wind and lunchtime will creep up on you! Regardless, make sure you have a complete breakfast or lunch before you come out to us so you’re well digested with lots of energizing food before you go out on the water!