NY Kite Center Consignment program


NY Kite Center kiteboarding equipment consignment program:

  • Kites and boards will be inspected for any potential damage or leaks.
  • All gear will be photographed and posted on our website as well as various sales outlets that we utilize.
  • All gear will be displayed at our shop for all in-store customers to consider purchasing.


  • 20% consignment fee if payment taken as store credit (valid for 1 yr from the date of the sale and cannot be converted back into a cash payment).
  • 30% fee for cash back (payment will be issued 10 business days after the sale has been processed).
  • If applicable, shipping fees will be charged for any sold gear that requires shipping to purchaser.
  • If applicable a 4% credit card processing fee will be charged for any sold gear that was paid for by a credit card.
  • A $25.00 charge will be assessed for any gear that needs to be cleaned and prepped for sale. This charge would be determined before the kite is received by NYKC.

 Program Terms & Conditions:

  • Once NYKC receives the gear NYKC retains the exclusive rights to sell the gear for the 1st 60 days. If customer sells gear within the 1st 60 days they will be liable for all applicable consignment fees.
  • NYKC will have customer gear posted for sale within 7 days of receiving unless a repair is required to make the gear sellable.
  • NYKC will provide the customer with a suggested sale price for the gear. Once agreed upon NYKC is allowed to sell the gear within 10% of the sale without customer approval. Any offer below this range will require customer approval for the sale.
  • Every 30 days kite price reduced by 10%. For example, if a kites sale price is set at $500.00 in 30 days it will be reduced to $450.00 then 30 days after that it will be reduced to $405.00.
  • All applicable fees will be collected before final payment is issued to customer.
  • NYKC reserves the right to accept or decline any potential customer inquiry for selling their gear.
  • NYKC reserves the right to return equipment at any time.

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