Ask Johnny Gear Selection Guide

Who's Johnny

I created this page because of the thousands of questions I get from kiteboarders buying equipment. Choosing the right gear can be challenging and expensive if you're not careful. I'm here to help you get it right the first time. Throw your question my way.




Factors to consider when choosing gear

  • Freestyle
  • vs.
  • Wave
  • Do you want to kitesurf waves or just cruise in flatwater? Catch big air? Or reach new top speeds? Your desired riding style will help determine the right gear for you. More

  • Beginner
  • vs.
  • Advanced
  • Your skill level will determine the gear you should buy. As a beginner, you want a kite that launches easily and isn’t too aggressive. Look for a board that helps you stay upwind and a harness that fits well and stays put. More

  • Big
  • vs.
  • Small
  • Your weight and body type determine the equipment you need for kiteboarding. Obviously a 100-pound person will require different gear than a 300-pound person. More

  • Budget
  • vs.
  • Performance
  • As with any purchase, it must fit your budget. We don’t want to break your bank! With that said, the greater your budget, the more room for top-of-the-line kiteboarding gear. More

  • Consistent
  • vs.
  • Variable
  • Are you going to kite at your local beach or travel the world searching for that epic session? More

Who is Johnny?

John Pereira aka "Johnny" has been strapping himself to power kites since 2000 and it became his passion to kiteboard and share it with others. He’s a level II IKO instructor and has operated the largest kite school in the northeast since 2008. He loves sharing this incredible sport and the joy it creates, and he’s worked to help over a thousand men, women, and children to learn and grow as kiteboarders.  He believes in helping people to enjoy the sport safely with an emphasis on having fun.