Instructor Profiles

John Pereira – Owner - Captain - IKO Instructor Level II

John is the proud owner of the NY Kite Center, building it from the ground up when it was the BEST Kiteboarding Center NY and taking over the business entirely under Pereira Adventure Sports, LLC in 2009. John, also known as ‘Johnny’, ‘Yo-yo’, ‘Johnny Yo-yo’, or ‘Johnny P’,  has introduced the sport to hundreds of people –from 6-years old all the way to 75 years old. John's experience and equipment knowledge make him the ideal person to help you pick the perfect quiver. John is a USCG licenced boat Captain 25 ton Inland and an IKO Level II instructor. John's favourite thing to do when kiteboarding is getting big air with his highest jump over 60 feet!  He is determined to provide the highest level of instruction, which shows in his lessons and whenever you step foot inside our Kite Center. John is also an IT consultant helping companies with system customization and streamlining processes. John’s many talents (Yo-yo, musical skills, etc.) make him a natural born entertainer, always ready to put on a show and bring smiles to peoples’ faces!