ALL-IN Combined Lesson and 2023 Gear Package

Did you catch the kiteboarding bug and now you are all in??? SAVE over $1000 on everything you need!!! This Lessons and Kiteboarding Gear Combo Package contains our four core kiteboarding lessons and all the gear you need to become an independent rider - while saving a ton of money.

Please feel free to contact us with additional questions about the gear and possible substitutions. You can build your quiver from the start and SAVE 20%** off each additional kite and or board added to package. 

To determine the kite size right for you check this quick VIDEO.

Choose your package retail price $5405.99 - on sale for over $1000 savings!

2023 North Reach Kiteboarding Gear Package includes*:
2023  Cabrinha Switchblade Kiteboarding Switchblade Gear Package includes*:

*Shipping is not included

**cannot be combined with other offers

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