NY Kite Center is proud to offer: “The Arm of Excellence.” Our new exciting training tool is designed to teach board riding skills safely without wind! The Arm of Excellence is a sturdy, aluminum, welded structure mounted to the tower of our 25 ft. Carolina Skiff. We can now teach fundamental board skills while the student is only feet away from the instructor. Boom time accelerates the learning process of kiteboarding and can get you riding before you know it.

  • Easiest way to learn how to ride a board on the water
  • Slower speeds keep things safe, easy, and low-impact
  • Close to the coach
  • Hooked-in riding similar to kiteboarding
  • High towing angle simulates kite pull
  • Pulley bar simulates sheeting in and out
  • Avoid potential injuries of towing behind a jetski or wakeboarding

The student can hook their harness to the chicken loop (same as with kiteboarding) and hold onto a specially designed pulley bar that simulates the action of sheeting in and out (powering and depowering the kite). All gear is included in the lesson except wetsuit and booties which can be rented or purchased at the center.

*This is a 2 hour lesson with 2-3 other students (ask about group rates if you want to come ride with your friends) and conducted on a limited availability basis. Pricing is per person.

**NYKC Conducts Kiteboarding Lessons Rain or Shine! All Boom Time lessons are a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of four students, one instructor, and one bar, board set-up**


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