If you are on the Wait List OR Schedule and you need to cancel, you must do so by 10am the day prior to your scheduled session to avoid a cancellation fee and to be able to reschedule your session. Cancellations made after this time (during the “Cancellation Fee Period”) will result in a $75 cancellation fee. In the event that you cancel your session on the day of with less then 6 hours notice, you will be charged the entire cost of your scheduled lesson. All cancellation fees must be paid in advance in order to make new reservations or to preserve your spot on the wait list/schedule for future dates. Pay my cancellation fee now.

***NYKC Conducts Kiteboarding Lessons Rain or Shine***

Exceptions. No cancellation fee will be assessed if AND ONLY IF:
1. You provided us with time restrictions for your scheduled date PRIOR to the Cancellation Fee Period and the selected meet time will cause a conflict with those times; OR

2. a) You were scheduled for two or more consecutive dates, b) you TOLD US VIA EMAIL prior to the Cancellation Fee Period that you wanted to come in for a limited number of those dates, and c) you have completed the previously-indicated-number of desired sessions during the earlier of the scheduled dates; OR

3. It is the evening before your scheduled session and you have received an email informing you that “we were unable to get you off the wait list but would you like to be notified of openings…”; OR

4. a)It is the evening before your scheduled session and b) you have received an email informing you that there is potential for wind, but we will have to update tomorrow AND c) you promptly respond requesting to be removed from the schedule.

                     Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions!