SUP at NY Kite Center



This season we are very proud to offer Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) sales, rentals, lessons, and tours at the NY Kite Center.  Those of you who come from kiteboarding know that, unfortunately, it is not always windy and there must be a no-wind activity to substitute for the plenty of beautiful, non-windy days we experience through the season.  SUP is the answer, and in a matter of minutes ANYONE can be cruising across the water in the Great South Bay!  No kiting experience, no problem!  Learning how to SUP is a quick and easy experience that is guaranteed to be fun.  We will be offering beginner classes, intermediate/advanced/surf classes, board rentals, and guided tours to show you the best of the Great South Bay and surrounding area.

What is SUP?

A Stand Up Paddleboard is essentially a giant surf board that is meant to be very stable, allowing the rider to stand upright and propel themselves with a paddle.  A rider can explore the flat waters of the Great South Bay or, if they are feeling courageous, they can hop over Jones Beach Barrier Island and take their shot at catching some waves on the ocean!  Don’t be fooled by the sports seemingly low profile, it is an incredible work out!  Spend 20 minutes paddling around and you will soon feel aches all over your body from muscles you never knew you had!  The combination of paddling and balancing on the board prove to be an incredible core body workout.  Consider replacing your typical jog, bike, or workout routine with a daily SUP session!  Come in with your significant other, your family, or a group of friends and take a guided tour of the Great South Bay, exploring the endless miles of canals and marshland mazes – an incredible experience! A SUP can also be used with a kite to provide an  excellent Light wind weapon!

What We Offer (weather/conditions dependent)

  •    PaddleBoard Rental – $50/hr, $25 for each additional hour. $100/half day (4hrs.), $150 full day. (All rentals include paddleboard,        paddle, PFD, leash, booties, and transport to & from location
  •    Private Paddleboard Instruction – $100/hr.
  •    Guided Tours – 2 hour tours, $110/person.
  •    Private Guide – $60/hr, $30 for each additional hour (great gift for couples!).

What You Need to Know

Stand Up Paddleboarding can be a great, fun, relaxing, and exhilarating workout – all at the same time!  In order to experience the best time possible, please be as prepared as possible.  Please bring plenty of SUNSCREEN as you will be in the sun for hours.  Bring plenty of HYDRATION and FOOD if you think you will be hungry.  You can wear a small bag with necessities that you do not mind getting wet, but keep in mind that you should expect EVERYTHING to get wet.  We sell waterproof bags, phone cases, and backpacks at the Kite Center.  Wetsuits/body protection is REQUIRED as are BOOTIES for foot protection.  There are greenflies that inhabit the islands and they can be very annoying if you are not properly prepared.  Over the years we have tried many different approaches to battle the flies and what we have found as the best solution is simply wearing a WETSUIT and BOOTIES.  The flies WILL bite through rashguards/thin clothing.  In order to prevent you from swatting at flies and falling off your board the entire time, be prepared to wear a wetsuit, despite the temperature.  We have suits for sale and for rent at the Kite Center.  Finally, you may want to take a shower after your paddleboard session since you will be tired, sweaty, and maybe very salty if you decided to go for a swim!  We have showers located at the Kite Center that customers are allowed to use.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to seeing you out on the water!