Kiteboarding Thermal Summer winds (Seabreeze)

Thermal winds or seabreeze

It’s Summertime and the livin’ is easy!! Here in New York, Summer means thermal winds!  Thermal winds, or “seabreezes,” are a common meteorological effect created by the variance in temperature from land to sea.  We rely on thermal winds for kiteboarding at NY Kite Center throughout the year and particularly during summer months. Thermals oftentimes add 5-15 mph of wind on top of a normal forecast.  New York City and Long Island are highly populated areas with lots of activity and blacktop.  As the sun heats the land, the hot air rises, and as the hot air rises it draws in cool air from the ocean. Typically the winds are from the SW and are sideshore on LI but sometimes a SE flow can occur as well. Look for light offshore winds in the am, which help generate a circular flow and keep the air free of moisture.  Good strong sun helps penetrate clear skies to provide the best flow.  An afternoon thermal “pop” is very common - occurring between 12pm-6pm. Anytime you see a forecast for clear skies and light North Winds in the AM with a midday switch to South there is a very good chance for it to THERMALIZE! Good luck, have fun, and call us anytime for our thermal predictions!