What you need to know before arriving at the NY Kite Center

What you need to know before arriving at the NY Kite Center

1. Timeliness is Next to Godliness
Please be ON TIME for your scheduled lesson. We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before your lesson, i.e., if the meet time is 11:00am, be here at 10:30 so you can be ready to go, with all your gear on, by 11 o’clock sharp. We do realize the realities of traffic and the railroad and that events out of your personal control can delay your arrival. However, if you are en route and already realize you are going to be LATE, PLEASE CALL the NY Kite Center at 631-691-0793. We will do everything in our power to get your lesson completed. But please note that we also have other people waiting – who arrived on time for their lessons – and it is not fair to them or to your instructor to keep them waiting. If it is impossible to hold the lesson, we will need to reschedule the lesson for another day. As we’re sure you can understand, time is money and wind is fleeting, and if you’re late, we’re going.
2. Valuables
Please leave your jewelry and other VALUABLES at HOME or in your car. You can leave your keys, cell phone, etc, in the student room, but we assume no financial responsibility for lost or stolen items. And if we take your Ferrari for a joyride while you’re out on the water, again, sorry, but not responsible!!
3. Stuff you should bring:
A Towel, shower sandals, and anything else you may require to get clean after your session. A dry bag or garbage bag to place your wet gear. Bottles of WATER, SUNSCREEN, and possibly bugspray. And LUNCH, if you think you’re going to be hungry. BOOTIES and WETSUIT!
4. What you’ll need to wear during the lesson
Due to insurance requirements, all students must wear a HELMET, LIFE VEST, WETSUIT, and BOOTIES during the lessons. We provide FREE USE of HELMETS and LIFE VESTS, we DO NOT provide wetsuits and booties, however. The NY Kite Center has booties, wetsuits, and rash guards available for purchase and rent.
5. In case you missed it the first time around:
BOOTIES ARE REQUIRED, but not provided. There are shells on the island where we launch, and also in the water and without booties, you will cut your feet to shreds. BRING YOUR BOOTIES or purchase/rent them at the center! And a wetsuit, too!
6. Tag-along Policy: NO TAG-ALONGS!
If you are bringing a SPOUSE, SIGNIFICANT OTHER, or FRIEND, please be aware that our lessons take place on an island that is roughly 2 miles from the NY Kite Center. There is a nice beach very close to NYKC, but non-lesson takers will not be able to see or be with you during the lesson. They should know you will be gone for 3 to 4 hours minimum. Long Island has everything to offer, and there will be plenty of things for them to do if they have a car, but plan accordingly so everybody drives home happy.
7. Length of lesson
Plan for a minimum of 4 HOURS from your arrival to the end of your lesson. We will try to accommodate any urgencies as to time deadlines but please understand that we are working with many factors and our number one priority is the safety of the entire group!
8. After the Lesson:
There are SHOWERS available at the NY Kite Center after your lesson. Please bring your OWN TOWEL. If you forget, we have towels available for purchase.
Take your wet booties off before coming into the lesson center and leave them OUTSIDE!! If you walk into the Kite Center after your lesson wearing wet booties, you will be STERNLY REPRIMANDED BY THE BOOTIE TROLL!!
10. Drinking/Drugs Policy
There is a zero tolerance drinking/drugs policy prior to or during your lesson.

Plan on being WET, TIRED, EXCITED and HAPPY after your lesson.

And oh, yeah … did we mention? Bring your booties!!!

Please call or email the NY Kite Center with any questions.
Phone#: (631) 691-0793
Email: info@nykitecenter.com