2022 Dakine Fusion Black Harness

2022 Dakine Fusion Harness

A comfortable seat harness for even load distribution and easy movement

The Dakine Fusion seat harness offers a combination of comfort and control for windsurfing and kiting. A semi-rigid Curv composite shell and eight-point load dispersion evenly distribute the load on your hips and torso, while foam padding relives pressure points. The harness maintains a low-profile build for easy movement and offers a lower spreader bar position. Self-tensioning leg straps and push-button connections make for easy transitions. The Fusion is push-button-windsurf- and kite-spreader-bar-compatible.

XS= 28-30" [ 71-76cm ] SB= 8" [ 20cm ] SOLD SEPARATELY
S= 30-32" [ 76-81cm ] SB= 10" [ 25cm ] SOLD SEPARATELY
M= 32-34" [ 81-86cm ] SB= 10" [ 25cm ] SOLD SEPARATELY
L= 34-36" [ 86-91cm ] SB= 10" [ 25cm ] SOLD SEPARATELY
XL= 36-38" [ 91-96cm ] SB= 12" [ 30cm ] SOLD SEPARATELY
XXL= 40-42" [ 96-101cm ] SB= 12" [ 30cm ] SOLD SEPARATELY


  • Spreader bar sold separately
  • Kite- or windsurf-spreader-bar compatible
  • Curv composite flex shell
  • Independent primary and secondary power belt
  • Segmented inner support structure
  • Adjustable spreader bar height
  • Self tensioning ultra comfortable leg straps 
  • Integrated handle and leash attachment
  • Left or right side leash attachment ring
  • 8-Point load dispersion system

Dakine Push Button Kite Spreader Bar

A wide hook spreader bar with push-button convenience and freedom pad comfort.

This kite spreader bar features a wide hammerhead shaped hook for added security. Our scalloped freedom pad shape improves comfort and gives you a more natural range of motion. Once you've tried it, you won't go back. Push-button release makes for easy in and out.

8" [ 20cm ]
10" [ 25cm ]
12" [ 30cm ]


2 Year Limited Warranty
Kite-specific hammerhead hook
Push button easy connect and disconnect
Crossbar for hold down webbing strap
Freedom shape spreader bar pad
Dual blade hook knife
Marine grade stainless steel construction

2020 Dakine Push Button Kite Spreader Bar

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