2019 -2022 Slingshot Hover Glide Infinity 76cm Carbon Wing

2019 - 2022 Slingshot Hover Glide Infinity 76cm Carbon Wing


  • If you want guaranteed success foiling in tiny to medium size waves or in light wind, the Infinity 76 is your wing. This is the wing included with our FWind and FSurf package. Because of its large surface area and unique inverted gull wing shape, it’s the perfect balance between low-end lift and pumpability and faster top-end speed and performance.
  • For Windsurfing, the perfect all around wing. Early lift, low stall speed, and a 26mph top end. Learn to fly, learn to jibe and float through lulls without compromising top end speed.
  • If you’re prone surfing and want to turn freely and pump from one wave to the next.

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