2021 Airush AP Bar V5

2021 Airush AP Bar V5

AP Bar

High performance freestyle control system.
Freestyle specific Pull-Pull trim strap.
Heavy duty 1.9mm front & rear lines.

From effortless unhooked, to powered moves and landings, the AP Bar is the 5 line control system that gives freestyle riders confidence. Every detail of its minimalist design, the 19mm bar diameter, short bar throw, and compact freestyle trim strap, along with heavy duty 400kg hardlines, extensions, and the freestyle specific harness loop options, are there to keep you feeling sure handed.

Compatible with all 5 line kites, including the Airush Razor.
Longer length freestyle leash.
Medium & large harness loop.

41cm – 51 Adjustable.
5 Line Bar.

Front: 21 + 2m
Rear: 21 + 2m
5th: 21 + 2m


Introducing the IQR, a completely redesigned quick release system that allows for a single-handed release, and reset. The all-new connection point sets the industry standard in safety, reliability, and usability. The durable injection molded TPU harness loop, and locking tube provide a comfortable attachment to your harness hook. In addition to the single line flag out system, the IQR features a low friction, enlarged spinning handle for easier line untwisting.

The Airush control bars have safety as the first priority. Your time on the water is as important to us as it is to you. We strive to make it safer for you, and to make your equipment last longer.

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