2022/2023 Airush Switch V11 Kiteboard

2022/2023 Airush Switch V11 Kiteboard

Available in: 132×39; 135×40; 138×41; 141×42; 144×43; 148×44; 152×45

Easy & comfortable freeride board.
Step down rail for maximum edge control.
Multizone Biotech Core.

The longest-running board model in kiteboarding history – the Switch is the ultimate refined freeride machine. Designed for all-around fun riding, combining ease of use with forgiving and friendly handling, the Switch matches the needs of progressing kiters and those looking for a comfortable ride. With the new kiter in mind, the progressive single concave provides excellent comfort for a smooth and lively riding experience. Thin rails ensure a clean water release and offer sensationally low drag and easy upwind tracking.


Full-flex tip technology.
Refined 3D shape.
Centralized stiffening.



The Switch is the only board that is kitted with AK Durable Supply Co’s vibrant yellow bindings, handle & fin set.



The layup found on the Switch is strictly focused on durability and responsiveness, ensuring a perfect combination for all freeriding needs. This construction is simple yet effective for smooth, easy, and forgiving riding.

Switch 2


No more pulled or broken inserts from hard landings or crashes. Featured on all Airush boards, the ABS Reinforced Inserts create the ultimate amount of durability, whether riding with boots or straps.

Switch 3

Switch 4


The Airush Multi-zone Biotech Construction is a vertical paulownia wood core sandwich. This multilayer construction creates a consistent density from the natural material. Our wood cores are renowned for their response, durability and smoothness, and are combined with a versatile combination of laminates depending on each model’s requirement, for all-round performance and durability.

Switch 5


Product Size Rider Weight Board Weight - KG Rider Stance Kitting
Switch v10 135x39 55-70KG 2,7 Freeride Medium 1 x Pair AK Element (screws: 4 x pan head M6 x 17)
Switch v10 138x41 65-80KG 2,8 Freeride Medium 4 x AK nylon wake 50 fins (screws: 8 x pan head M6 x 18)
Switch v10 140x42 75-90KG 2,9 Freeride Medium 1 x Handle (screws: 2 x pan head M6 x 10)
Switch v10 145x44 >85KG 3 Freeride Medium 4 x Fin washers


BOARD Details

“The Switch is the longest running Twin Tip design in kiteboarding, going right back to the earliest days of the sport. Legendary designers like Jimmy Lewis and Colin McCulloch have in the past worked on this model. With the 20 years of history it is quite an honor for me to be able to put my own take on this important board in the Airush line up.” – Dave Kay

The Switch is a Freeride model and for many Airush customers it will be their first board. To this end the Switch needs to be EASY, easy to ride, easy to control and easy to get upwind on. It also needs to not limit a rider’s progression, it can’t be a board that you ‘outgrow’ in a short space of time.

The key design points that lead to this ‘easy rider’ style are:

  • Progressive single concave bottom shape, deeper in the middle for lift and upwind ability and flat in the tip to keep this area flexible.
  • Thin Step-down rails for clean water release and low drag.
  • Low rocker for fast planning and easy upwind ability.
  • ‘Mid square’ outline for tracking and stability

    On the looks – the graphics team has killed it this year too, the exposed wood and color coded accessories have made it an amazing package.

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