2021 Core SLC Foil Kit w/Foil Covers Complete


Freefoil | Surf

Keep your precious foil looking new. The set includes the Foil Bag, a Tool Pouch and cover for the Front Wing, Stabilizer, Fuselage, 71 or 92cm Mast, and Mast Base. The 420 denier Nylon covers fit neatly in the optional Foil Bag that’s designed for traveling and busy airports. Five-millimeter closed-cell foam padding and additional edge polyester webbing protect all trailing edges. The handy tool pouch keeps all your hardware and tools in one place. Even the mast cover features a screw pocket. Now, you're covered.


  • Front Wing Cover 1250: ca. 80 x 32 cm / ca. 32 x 12 inches
  • Stabilizer Cover 300: ca. 45 x 18 cm / ca. 18 x 7 inches
  • Fuselage Cover 70: ca. 77 x 10 cm / ca. 30 x 4 inches
  • Mast Cover 92: ca. 98 x 17 cm / ca. 38 x 7 inches
  • Mast Cover 71: ca. 78 x 17 cm / ca. 31 x 7 inches
  • Mastbase Cover: ca. 26 x 13 cm / ca. 10 x 5 inches
  • Tool Pouch S: ca. 25 x 13 x 8 cm / ca. 10 x 5 x 3 inches
  • Foil-Bag 110: ca. 110 x 36 x 12 cm


5MM PADDING: Thick padding for maximum protection.

420 DENIER NYLON: Tough. Durable.

FOIL BAG READY: Designed to fit into the optional Foil Bag.



Sizes:1000cm2 | 1250cm2

This wing’s got personality. 

Our global team of highly experienced foilers designed a confidence-inspiring shape that delivers balanced control and predictable behavior over a wide range of water conditions from flat water to beach surf. Slow or fast. Flatwater or bubbly beach break. New or experienced. Foil better with the SLC Wing.

Which wing should I choose? Wing choice is a matter of personal preference. Surf foilers will tend to ride the bigger wing while freefoilers and lighter riders will gravitate towards the smaller wing.


  • SWEPT WING OUTLINE: Seaweed shedding, self-stabilizing, allround performance.
  • CUSTOM AEROFOIL: Wider attack angles. Reduced stalling.
  • ANHEDRAL WING ROOT: Improved stability.
  • PU CARBON SANDWICH WING: Very light and responsive.



Freefoil | Surf

Sizes: 300cm2

Balanced by design.

Even, predictable flight. Easy, steady takeoffs. And super smooth turns. The larger size imparts a more balanced flight behavior at all speeds. The dihedral curvature lets you tilt the foil into turns like a skateboard for a smoother cruising behavior. Gybes, tacks, 360s, and transitions are much easier since you can feel your back wing and use it to pivot the foil. A high-quality lightweight carbon and PU foam construction is more complex to build than a pure carbon wing but the weight savings is worth it.


  • PU CARBON SANDWICH: Very light and responsive.
  • DIHEDRAL STABILIZER: Smooth, balanced gybes.



Freefoil | Surf

Sizes:71cm | 92cm

Silent. Durable. And light.

Our extruded aluminum mast is as light as many carbon ones with the added durability of 6063 aircraft aluminum. And its silent trailing edge design is a welcome relief. Our extruded aluminum mast features a progressive five stringer, thin wall design that reinforces the highest stress areas. Precise fit tolerances ensure the mast fits tightly into the fuselage.

Which size is right for me? New foilers and wave riders should consider the 71cm mast whereas the 92cm mast is our allrounder.

SLC. Progress faster. Foil better.


  • FIVE STRINGER DESIGN: Rigid. Low twist.
  • THIN WALL EXTRUSION: Lighter, more responsive.
  • 6063 ALUMINUM: Aircraft-grade. Superior corrosion resistance.


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