2022 North Reach Kitesurfing Kite

2022 North Reach Kitesurfing Kite

Sizes:12m, 15m, 17m


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New N-DURE Dacron

Using a lighter Dacron on the leading edge and struts saves a significant amount of weight, without compromising strength or durability, and making what is already the lightest kite in our range even lighter.


Boosts and loops with a smooth reliable catch 

The Reach has a smooth, consistent catch and during kiteloops doesn’t hesitate to come back around.  


Incredible stability for foil and lightwind 

Boasting predictable, consistent power delivery in every condition, the Reach has exceptional performance at the low-end - especially at slower speeds in lighter wind.


Massive wind range and upwind drive

The precise draft-forward profile, in combination with optimised profile transition panels, give the Reach a very smooth and efficient profile entry and upwind drive. 


Revised arc design

The Reach remains light and fast, but is now more stable in kite loops and has a crisper, more snappy feel.


Lightweight bladders in every size 

Bladders make up a bigger weight percentage than any other material used in a kite. The lighter the kite, the more efficiently it flies, the greater the performance in lighter winds, the faster the steering, the more lift created and the higher you jump. 


No-pulley bridles

New tuning of the short responsive bridle gives the Reach quick, exponential depower, allowing you to ride it in an even wider range of conditions.


Responsive Steering and well-balanced surf handling

Tactile handling with light bar pressure and steering impulse for a fast response and tight turning radius.


Confident relaunch

Swept design helps the kite to release quickly from the water in even the lightest conditions.  


More durable

We’ve replaced the thread in the closing seam with a new durable higher tensile yarn that has improved fatigue and wear resistance.


Pop when you need it

A forgiving kite with pop when you need it for freestyle manoeuvres. The progressive freestyle medium high aspect ratio, combined with a powerful profile, gives the Reach explosive pop.


DuraLite seam protection 

Lightweight reinforcement to protect from chafing and abrasion along the struts to the leading edge. Thin foam padding is inserted underneath to form a lightweight durable buffer which lifts the kite slightly off rough surfaces, and protects the stitching along the struts and leading edge seams. 



For the most accurate and durable connection between the strut and the leading edge. Bridle deflectors on the leading edge prevent the control lines catching on the struts.  


New HyperFlow rapid inflation

The cap and valve base geometry have been updated for more comfortable opening and closing in colder conditions (when your fingers are freezing).


Recycled PET Kite Bag with Foil Assist

Go Green. 33 recycled plastic bottles go into the production of every single North kite bag.




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