2022 North SONAR AF Foil Edition

2022 North SONAR AF  Foil Edition


AF72 or AF85 Mast, AF Board Adaptor, A700 Fuselage, S270 Stabilizer with cover, Tool Kit, Screw Packs A,B,C, Sonar Travel Bag


Start building your modular quiver here. The new refined aluminium mast profile section delivers an optimal balance between light weight and exceptional strength, so you can kite, wing, surf and tow foil with confidence, making use of the fully interchangeable Sonar Foil System to extend your playtime on the water. Engineered to last, with exceptional strength to weight ratio, and our unique GeoLock system for a clean, direct feel with minimum resistance on the water. The AF85 mast increases overall ride performance in choppy conditions. The AF72 mast is ideal for shallower waters, and prone surf foiling. Now with A700 Fuselage for added stability, and new S270 Carbon Stabilizer for performance and efficiency


  • Modular Foil System
  • Sonar AF72 or AF85 Mast
  • GeoLock Load Bearing Connection
  • New S270 Carbon Stabilizer with easy recovery from surface breaching
  • Sonar AF Foil Board Adaptor
  • Industry-standard 165x90mm bolt pattern
  • NEW 700mm Fuselage
  • Supplied with Sonar Travel Bag
  • Front Wings Sold Separately
  • Foil to board mounting screws sold separately

Modular Foil System

Customise your ride with our fully interchangeable foil components to explore multiple disciplines and riding styles all with one setup. Start building your quiver here. Seamlessly compatible with any North fuselage, stabilizer, mast or front wing.

Sonar AF72 or AF85 Mast

The new refined aluminium mast profile section gives the optimal balance between light weight design and exceptional strength for every discipline.

GeoLock Load Bearing Connection

Engineered for strength and stiffness, our unique GeoLock tapered geometry locking system provides a more effective load-bearing connection between the Mast and Fuselage, locking them together, so they feel like one piece.

New S270 Carbon Stabilizer

In perfect harmony with any Front Wing, our new higher aspect, thinner profile carbon pre-preg rear Stabilizer provides control and riding comfort, allowing fast pivoting turns and easy surface breach-recovery.

Sonar AF Foil Board Adaptor

Aluminium Board Adaptor for the AF55, AF72 and AF85 masts. FE-Analysis has allowed us to optimise the structure, increase strength in the areas of highest stress concentration and reduce unecessary weight in lower stress areas.

Industry-standard 165x90mm bolt pattern

The Sonar Foil System is designed to work in harmony with our unique DropBox fast-foil mounting system. The Dropbox has a longer track for a wider adjustment range, allowing you to precision-tune the foil set up for your rider weight.

NEW 700mm Fuselage

Cruise control. Our longer, CNC-machined anodised aeronautical-grade aluminium Fuselage offers a smoother, more stable ride across every foil discipline.

Supplied with Sonar Travel Bag

Stow your Sonar Quiver safely in between sessions with our Heavy Duty 600D Padded Travel Bag. Roomy enough inside to fit the complete Sonar Foil set, including multiple wings and masts inside their individual covers.

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