2023 Slingshot Travel Craft V1 90 Foil Kite Board

2023 Slingshot Travel Craft V1 90 Foil Kite Board

The all-new Travel Craft has been designed to optimize your foil travel experience. For all of your foiling jet setters out there, the Travel Craft has been designed to easily fit in your suitcase. No more board bags and no more screaming "golf clubs" at the ticket counter.

Package Includes:

Travel Craft V1 Board, (Foil Track Hardware not included)



The Travel Craft has been optimized for size and space. We trimmed all the unnecessary size and volume out of this board to make it as compact as possible. The reduce length provides hero level stiffness and response while the board is under foot. Even though the board is small in size, it is not small in features. Designed with versatility in mind, we made sure to add multiple footstrap insert positions for riders of all styles and abilities. Featuring beveled rails for on water performance and our new out the back foil connect that gets you on the water quicker and easier when you are at your dream location.

Why We Made It

We built the Travel Craft to make traveling with your foil kit as easy as possible.

Why You'll Love It

  • Easily fits in your standard checked suitcase, no need for a "Golf Bag"
  • Adjustable out the back track makes mounting your foil super quick and easy
  • The smallest and most compact foil board in our range

NEW Travel Friendly Size and Shape

Developed under the constraints of making the smallest and most optimized board for traveling. Easily packs away and a suitcase and provides plenty of performance when you arrive at your destination.

NEW Out-the-Back Foil Connect

To make life easier and get you on the water quicker we added one of our favorite features ever, out-the-back foil tracks! Foil connect/disconnect is now quicker and more delightful than you've ever imagined.

Beveled Rails

Beveled rails prevent the board from grabbing the water when you touch down, which allows you to skip off the water and keep going instead of grinding to a halt.

Corduroy Eva

Super soft EVA features a corduroy texture that provides tons of grip (and is as pleasing to your feet as it is to the eye).

Multiple Footstrap Insert Positions

Ride however you want. With multiple insert options you can ride whatever configuration you like. Whether its 3 straps, 2 straps, 1 strap, no straps, 2 hooks, 1 hook, or no hooks, you can make the choice.

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