2024 Cabrinha 04 Moto X Apex Kite

2024 Cabrinha 04 Moto X Apex Kite


Sizes : 7m / 9m / 10m / 12m

What can you do to an already incredible kite. You give it the Apex treatment. With a lighter feel and even more playful handling, the Moto X Apex is a true to testament to the Apex Series of kites.

The use of Ultra HT for the main airframe aids in stability, steering and also recovery due to the incredible bias elongation controls. Combine this with the use of the Aero spliced bridle line, and new lighter weight bladders, you have the lightest 3 strut kite in the Cabrinha range to date.

3 Strut / Moderate aspect ratio hybrid design / Reactive wing tip / Fast, lean and efficient profiles

• NEW Ultra HT - Strong, stable, and responsive material, exclusive to the Apex series
• NEW Apex Bridle - thinner and lower elongation bridle for optimal efficiency and reactive steering
• NEW Feather lite bladders
• NEW Ultra-Reactive steering response
• NEW Bi-directional pure profile panels
• Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness
• Trailing edge EVA rigidity battens
• Sprint 3.0
• Durable TPU leading edge bumpers

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