2024 Duotone Aero Glide SLS Front Wing

2024 Duotone Aero Glide SLS Front Wing

The Aero Glide range is complementing our portfolio with highly efficient high aspect designs, offering endless glide, downwind performance and pumping abilities, crossed with a lively and fun maneuverability you wouldn't expect from wings with such span.

As the name suggests - our Aero Glide is made to glide for long distances effortlessly. Our four smaller sizes from the fast and agile 725 to the larger 1305 were introduced in spring 2023 with an incredible response for their mix of accessible glide performance, control and maneuverability. All these wings come in aspect ratio around 9.5. With emphasis on efficiency, speed and low drag these wings like to be ridden with a slightly more active riding style that suits the level of intermediate to advanced riders. Once on flight mode, the Aero Glide wings are very intuitive to ride thanks to their predictable behavior.

For 2024 we’re adding two large siblings to the family of the Aero Glide, the 130cm wide 1595 with an AR of 10.6 and the pumping oriented 2145, with a span of 143cm and AR of 9.6.

The 1595 is the perfect match for everyone getting into downwinders. This wing will help you getting up and connect even the smallest bumps, due to its insane glide. The 1595 still has the same fast and low drag profile and overall character of the smaller Glide wings and works great for light wind winging and pumping.

As a pure dock-starter wing we’ve developed the 2145 with a thicker profile and its own outline, with very low stall speed for the easiest possible dock starts and pumping experience in flatwater conditions for any level of rider.

Our mast/fuselage setup is known to be one of the strongest systems in the market and we’re proud to take this stable and predictable behavior into wings with such wide spans. All Glide wings are complemented by our high-performance Stabilizer P in 165, 180, 200 and the new 220 for the largest additions of the Glide range.

Whether you're into downwind runs, pumping, connecting waves when prone foiling or just like a fast and effortless sensation with low drag and high efficiency, when winging or Windsurf Foiling - you should have a go on the Aero Glide.


Incredibly accessible glide performance

Fast & agile in smaller sizes, lifty and emphasis on Pump & Downwind in larger sizes

Low drag and slippery

Good and direct turning response for wings of such span

NEW 1595
New 1595 with focus on easiest possible entry into downwind foiling (AR 10.6)

NEW 2145
New 2145 with focus on easiest possible dock starts and pumping efficiency (special profile and outline)




Exhilarating speed and glide with minimum drag. The Glide 725 is a wing best suited to advanced riders. Use it on the waves to experience its sharp and precise response to your input. Take advantage of its speed to create amazing pop for Freestyle. Also works for advanced Windsurf Foilers.


The 905 Glide is a wing that all advanced riders will want in their quiver. Its fast, glides for days and can also be used for Freestyle. Don’t be fooled by its 90+ cm span, this wing turns extremely well. Also works great for advanced Windsurf Foilers.


With its 1m span, our Glide 1085 is able to deliver some serious flights. Use it for downwinders on a little swell and never touch down again. Great balance of lift, speed and still the possibility to use it for Freestyling, especially in light wind conditions.


The perfect light wind weapon for light to medium weight riders. A favourite of the line-up for its great mix of good pumpability, whilst maintaining descent maneuvrability. Heavier 80+ kg riders will love using it in medium to higher winds to work on their tacks and gybes. Once you are up in the air, you don’t come down.


The 1595 is a brand-new wing in our Glide range and comes with our highest AR of 10.6. We have compromised some of the maneuvrability of this size in favour of maximum glide potential. There is quite literally nothing like it in our range. Find the smallest ripple and this wing will take you along the way.

The 1595 was purpose built for the sport of SUP down winding and will work great with our new downwind boards. Its high glide capabilities and low drag also make it an extremely good light wind winging tool, especially for heavier riders. Intermediate to advanced riders will love using this wing for dock starting and flat-water pumping.


The design brief for the brand-new Glide 2145 was pretty simple: Make a wing which is as easy as possible to learn to dock start with. We have used a completely different profile compared to the rest of the Glide range. This particular profile stalls very late, which is the most important characteristic for a dock start wing.

The huge 143cm span keeps it up and going with minimum input from the rider. Of course the Glide 2145 can also be used for winging in ridiculously light conditions, especially when paired with our new Downwinder SLS and a Ventis in your hands, just don’t expect to be going much faster than 15 knots.



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