2024 Duotone Aero Lift SLS Front Wing

2024 Duotone Aero Glide SLS Front Wing

Our Aero Lift wing is designed for the easiest access to the sensation of flying above the water with a foil - regardless of previous watersports experience, or your size or weight. A must have wing for schools as well as any beginner riders wanting to make their progression as easy as possible.

Passive take-offs and stable flights are the qualities we had in mind when designing the Aero Lift 2400, our ultimate flight guarantee for every entry level rider. With 110cm of span, a wider chord and a profile with a higher lift, the wing takes off at lowest speeds and just keeps flying through wind holes and all your early maneuvres. Incredible stability guarantees a quick learning curve, yet the impressive speed and glide for a wing of that size will let you enjoy the Aero Lift for much longer than just the first few sessions. It’s a wing you’ll keep in your quiver for the light days and for anyone else you’re going to hook up with your new passion.

The wing tips are rounded, designed with safety in mind.

The Aero Lift 2400 is designed with our 300cm back wing and the wings are best matched with our 74/76cm fuselages for the ultimate lift and flying stability.


Superb stability and ease of use – ideal for learners and heavier riders

Gets up in under 10 knots, flies through 5-6 knots patches with ease

Surprisingly fun also for those riders improving with good speed and turning potential




Purpose built to make learning to foil as easy as possible. The Lift 2400 is a school favourite for obvious reasons. But don’t expect to put this wing aside after your first attempts. It’s an extremely fun wing to ride even well into the intermediate level.


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