2024 Duotone Aero Slim D/LAB/AL 3BS Mast-Fuselage Set

2024 Duotone  Aero Slim D/LAB/AL 3BS Mast-Fuselage Set

Our high-end mast & fuselage set comes with Our D/LAB mast featuring a slimmer profile with a stiffer layup made with a special blend of high modulus Carbon fibres for ultimate performance, speed and direct response. Due to its thinner structure these masts are only recommended for wings up to 100cm span. Combined with AL 3BS fuselage this set is for everyone looking for full compatibility of the previous Fanatic and new Duotone range of SLS wings.

(Note – if you’re looking for 100% D/LAB mast + wing & tail, please combine a single D/LAB mast with your preferred D/LAB tail and one of our D/LAB wing sets – or check out our complete foil sets).



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