F-One Pocket Carbon Custom Foil Board

F-One Pocket Carbon Custom Foil Board


Incredibly responsive and light, the POCKET CARBON CUSTOM is an excellent board for experienced riders aiming to push their boundaries in kite foiling.
  • Amazing performances in carving and freestyle
  • Superior rigidity
  • Light and responsive
  • The F-ONE R&D team aimed to create a superior board that would remain as light as possible but with a bit more volume and thickness than its POCKET CARBON counterparts. Built using the innovative SLIM Tech Carbon Custom technology, the board is incredibly rigid and lightweight.
The POCKET CARBON CUSTOM is perfect for any freeride sessions and will provide incredible performances and technicity to any experienced riders. The board is very responsive, easily controlled and will behave just as you want with the tiniest adjustments. The added volume also brings more buoyancy, which makes it an ideal board for freshwater sessions as well.
The range includes three sizes: 110×44 cm, 120×46 cm and 130×47 cm. All sizes are equipped with a full deck pad. The 120 and 130 also have inserts for three footstraps. The 110 is our strapless-dedicated model and therefore has no inserts. All feature the Twin-Tracks system for maximum compatibility with any foils.
Size Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (in) Vol. Weight* (kg) Strap Inserts**
110 110 x 45 x 4 cm 3’6 x 17.7″ x 1.6″ 15 L 2.4
120 120 x 46 x 4 cm 3’9 x 18″ x 1.6″ 16,8 L 2.7 Yes
130 130 x 47 x 4 cm 4’2 x 18.5″ x 1.6″ 18,6 L 2.9 Yes

* Estimated weight

** Straps sold separately

*Straps sold separately

Need Straps? Pair with Self-Tapping V-Straps


The SLIM Tech Carbon Custom process uses a CNC-shaped PVC foam core, which is then wrapped entirely by a carbon fiber skin. All the skin layers are carefully laid and vacuum-bagged for minimum weight and maximum fiber efficiency. This hand-crafted lamination makes boards outstandingly light and impressively strong.

  • Better control of the board: Having the feet closer to the bottom of the board means you have a better, sharper feel for what the board is doing.
  • Reduced weight: By using a stronger core material, we can reduce the amount and variety of materials used in the shell. Using carbon, this shell can be made even lighter while keeping its strength and stiffness characteristics. Added to the reduced volume, this means the board is incredibly light.
  • Increased strength: The core of the board is no more this fragile blank which you can ding, dent or break. The SLIM Tech boards are tougher and stronger.


The twin track system with lateral spacing of 90mm is becoming an industry standard.

This system is compatible with all foils featuring a top plate with 4 fastening bolts. The length of the tracks enables some room to adjust the position of the foil on the board to reach everyone’s prefered balance.

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