2024 Naish Hover Kite Crossover Foilboard

2024 Naish Hover Kite Crossover Foilboard


Sizes; 4'6", 4'10", 5'2"


The Hover Kite Crossover is the perfect board for any rider looking to unlock a whole new world of kite foiling, kite surfing, wake foiling, and wake surfing. With its ideal outline, volume and rocker, this lightweight and durable board offers amazing performance that intermediate and advanced riders will appreciate. The thruster fin setup, wide tail, and fast rocker makes this board easy and fun to ride in the surf or behind a boat. Look no further, the Hover Kite Crossover will enhance any kite quiver with its impressive performance and versatility. Whether you're shredding waves on your foil or fins, this board makes it possible for anyone from intermediate to professional level riders to take their kite quiver to the next level.


Thruster Fin Setup
The extra fin in the middle at the back of the tail provides more stability and maneuverability.

Fast Rocker Line
Maintains speed creating less drag when going straight.

Vertical Wedge Tail Kick
Provides the perfect shape for good riding form.

Multiple Footstrap Insert Options
Offer foot placement options for various riding styles.

High-Density PVC Foil Track System with (2) 10” US Boxes
Our high-density PVC foil track system with (2) 10” US boxes will get you on the fin or the foil as quickly as possible.

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