2024 North Sonar MA1850V2 Front Wing

2024 North Sonar MA1850 V2 Front Wing

An evolution of the Reflexed Series, our new larger MA V2 Series wings deliver a stable learn-to-foil set-up designed for winging and boat foiling. Pitch stable across the entire speed range, the MA V2 Wings feature controllable early lift and a lower stall speed.  Product code: 85004.240087

Stable learn-to-foil setup
Generate lift easily without pumping
Pitch stable across a wide speed range
Impressive agility for size
Ventilation-free tip breaching
Strong and lightweight construction
High performance and durable and impact resistant
Novice wing and boat foiling
Pre-Preg Carbon
Titanium Screws

Includes; Front Wing with Cover, Sonar Screw Pack E (M8x33)


Product image

Product image




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