2024 Ozone Vortex Ultra X V1 Kiteboarding Kite

2024 Ozone Vortex Ultra X V1 Kiteboarding Kite

Sizes: 5m / 6m  /7m / 8m  /9m / 10m / 11m / 12m / 13m / 15m


This is THE KITE for anyone ready to take their twin-tip riding up a level!
A King of the Air double-loop kite that also makes huge boosts and big air progression easy. Sounds unreal? Dream it, feel it, do it…

The Vortex is a tightly tuned, lightweight, three strut design that’s been supercharged with an Aluula airframe, double transversal canopy shaping and a 16-point leading edge bridle connection to deliver the most stable, agile and responsive big air kite we’ve ever made.

Super highly spec'd, the design developments made with this kite, and the predictable, responsive nature of its flight, will help almost all riders improve their performance levels... not just the pros.

Key Features:

  • New school big air inspired 3-strut design with ultra stable Aluula airframe
  • 16 point leading edge bridle connection for extreme stability
  • Accessible and forgiving big air performance
  • Fast handling and fast flying with super reliable catch after a kite loop
  • Programmed for first kite loops to biggest doubles
  • Lightweight design and easy bar pressure
  • Double Transversal shaping for tight and efficient canopy
  • High-strength and low drag Technora bridle lines
  • Ride full power for max air time all day


  • “Ten different shapes have come and gone since we started this project in early 2022. It takes a lot of time to get these types of products tested in 40 knots. There are only so many days a year with really brutal winds. We had to commit to hunting them out.
  • “This kite’s definitely got Edge DNA, but with a heavy dash of magic dust that makes it extra special. It's also a three strut, so everything changes.”
  • “Ten different shapes have come and gone since we started this project in early 2022.
  • “It takes a lot of time to get these types of products tested in 40 knots. It’s a storm chase mindset and there are only so many days a year with really brutal winds. We had to commit to hunting them out. We worked with Jamie Overbeek and his dad, Peter, who were super keen on chasing those conditions.”
  • “Most of the prototype shapes followed the belief that we needed a solid five strut design to handle extreme winds, but in further adapting the transversal shaping technique that features in our other recent kite designs, like the Zephyr, Reo, Edge and Enduro, we were able to better manage the tension we put into our canopies without needing such a heavy structure.
  • “The Vortex didn’t need to be especially light, but Aluula meant we could make a narrower leading edge than we have on the Edge (though it’s not super narrow). Having a more responsive, rigid frame while reducing diameter, reduces drag which again increases speed and handling. Aluula works very well in combination with our triple tripstop canopy cloth, which is strong and reliable.
  • ““This kite’s definitely got Edge DNA, but with a heavy dash of magic dust that makes it extra special. It's also a three strut, so everything changes.”


  • If your biggest love is to blast around on a twin-tip sending it big, whether you're already pulling kite loops, or are serious about learning them, the Vortex is for you.
  • Lighter in steering and more whippy in its response and turning than the Edge, the Vortex accelerates around its tips, turning very consistently without any pause in flight.
  • Mixing jaw dropping, super stable lift with ultra-responsive handling, if you’re absolutely dedicated to big air and are a seasoned kite loop specialist, then the Vortex will help you reach the next dimension.
  • Jump to stunning heights and then pull kite loop combinations with confidence, knowing the Vortex will drive around to catch you every time.
  • For those looking for extreme performance, the Vortex always delivers intuitive feedback of the kite’s position through the bar and is tuned to continue driving, even accelerating through a second kite loop.


  • Super reactive and light weight handling means the Vortex can be moved with great agility around the window to generate power without causing fatigue in your arms. The Vortex simply feels very intuitive.
  • The top end control is superb, but you’ll also be impressed by the range of each size. If you’re just gaining confidence with kite loops, the Vortex’s low end performance and turning speed offers the ideal gateway.


  • We have been working with and testing Aluula on different kite and wing prototypes for three years. Bringing materials together to deliver combined performance and reliable strength without compromising any aspect of build quality is always of utmost priority, and a reason that our returning customers place their trust in our products.
  • In the Vortex we chose to use our strong triple-ripstop canopy cloth with a rigid Aluula air frame. Aluula’s incredible strength, stiffness and light weight qualities have helped deliver positive handling gains, particularly in the low end performance as well as when climbing up through the window, when its manoeuvrability for power and lift is key.
  • The added stiffness of Aluula materials helps to maintain the Vortex’s designed shape under heavy loads in extreme conditions for optimum handling and long lasting performance; the latter of which is always a crucial part of a design brief for any of our products.


  • Aluula can provide a tensile strength increase of as much as 38% compared to standard material construction, while tear strength is up to seven times greater.  
  • Combining those advantages with the fact that careful integration of Aluula can also deliver up to a 30% weight saving, it’s the right air frame material for the high performance goals we set for the Vortex Ultra-X.


  • Aluula’s naturally stiff properties make it possible for the Vortex air frame to become perfectly rigid for optimum performance when pumped to 8psi. This is our recommended inflation pressure and there’s no need to pump any harder than that. Save your energies for all the new tricks the Vortex is about to help you learn!


  • Integration of Aluula is delivered alongside our double transversal seam that runs parallel to the leading edge. Especially effective in the high lift area of the profile, this creates a beautifully tight and efficient canopy.
  • The Vortex Ultra-X is the result of a constant in-house design evolution that spans more than 20 years. It is built with our fundamental principles that put testing and reliability at the heart of all our products.
  • Access to our own factory allows for real prototyping freedom. This, alongside our honest philosophy of only releasing products when they’re truly ready, instead of annually, has helped develop our community of happy customers.  


  • Absolute control with super clean handling
  • Good response allows the rider to feel where the kite is without looking
  • Comfortable front line pull through the harness to maximise edging load
  • Very responsive, whippy steering to maximise lift as well as looping potential
  • Superb acceleration as the kite turns tightly around its wing tips
  • The confidence to pull kite loops immediately and on instinct
  • Reliable and quick climb through the window after a loop
  • Fingertip control to zig-zag the kite through the sky for perfect landings from height
  • Light steering feel, ideal for long sessions in strong or light winds


  • Ultra-X high-spec design
  • Rigid, lightweight Aluula air frame delivers benefits in both strong and light winds
  • 16 point bridle connection - every segment seam has a bridle line attached
  • High-strength, no-stretch Technora bridle line is narrow in diameter and low drag
  • Transversal shaping results in very clean and efficient canopy
  • Rigid sail battens on trailing edge minimise sail flutter

Design and Construction Features:

  • Factory Ownership Advantage
  • Designed with OZ-CAD
  • Aluula Performance Airframe
  • Teijin TechnoForce Triple Ripstop canopy
  • Double Transverse Sail Shaping
  • High Performance Bridle Lines
  • 4-line Pulley-less System
  • Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System
  • Internal reinforcements
  • Load Distribution Panels
  • Direct Connect Struts
  • Reinforced Leading Edge and Struts
  • Reinforced Trailing Edge
  • Low Profile Aerodynamic Scuff Pads
  • Unique bladder construction
  • Anti-Snag Line Deflectors
  • Tuned Bridle Geometry
  • Anti-Flap Battens
  • Back-line trimming options
  • Fool Proof Line Connectors
  • Water Kite Technical Bag

SIZE                WIND RANGE     BAR SIZE
5m                  23-46                         45cm
6m                  21-43                         45cm
7m                  19-40                         45cm
8m                  18-37                         50cm
9m                  17-34                         50cm
10m                16-31                         50cm
11m                15-29                         50cm
12m                14-28                         50cm
13m                13-27                       50cm

Wind range is indicative only based on an average rider weight of 80kg. Actual range will vary based on rider skill level and type of board used. The upper range on high performance products may be higher for professional riders.

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