Demo 2015 North Quad Control Trust Bar only used

Demo 2015 North Quad Control Trust Bar only used


Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Control Bar. Kite bar sold as-is. 

Condition: A  Bar in very good condition.


Product Description: 


The North Kiteboarding Trust Bar is the most progressive and effective tool to steer your kite and comes equipped with the most functIonal safety system in kiting, the Iron Heart IV. Over the years it has made a name for itself in the kitesurfing industry and amongst the riders; it stands for unmatched safety and reliability.  


The Iron Heart from North Kiteboarding has long been the benchmark for all safety systems and North Kiteboarding is continuously aiming to further improve this essential piece of safety equipment. It is renowned for a fast, safe and easy release, coupled with the ability to quickly reassemble the unit and continue flying.

  • MOULDED CHICKEN LOOP & CHICKEN DICK:  The Chicken Loop and Chicken Dick have been refined for 2015, the moulded constructIon, is softer to offer more comfort and easy reassembling. This new constructIon is warp resistant and dimensIonally stable. This makes it very easy to hook back in after unhooked tricks, as the loop stays in shape.
  • STANDARD / SUICIDE MODE:  With every 2015 North Kiteboarding Bar, there is a choice between the standard safety mode and an easy to mount ‘SUICIDE’ MODE. Only very experienced riders with special requirements should use the suicide mode.ATTENTIon: Only the standard safety mode offers 100% safety. We recommend to always use the standard safety mode. Riders who use the suicide mode should be aware and responsible for the possible consequences!
  • THE REVERSE RELEASE PIN:  The heart of the Iron Heart IV is the reverse release pin and one of the keys of the intelligent release mechanism. Unlike other safety systems, it hinges to the inside to protect your hands. The incredibly low release forces are a direct result of the reverse release pin.
  • ROTO HEAD:  The Roto Head permits you to untangle the lines after a rotatIonal jump or a kiteloop while you are riding. The new Roto Head utilizes a plastic constructIon, the plastic is extremely durable and there is no corrosIon possible. The new Roto Head comes with two grub screws making it easy and fast to change the depower line. Simply use an FCS fin key to remove the screws and change the depower line.
  • VARIO CLEAT and SLIDING STOPPER:  North Kiteboarding completely redesigned the Vario Cleat last year to make it even more effective and efficient. North has introduced a 5th line channel for the 5th line to run through, this reduces the risk of the 5th line getting tangled considerably. You can easily adjust the height of the Vario Cleat too, plus North has reduced it’s size to increase the depower area. The sliding stopper can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. Combined with the smaller Vario Cleat this accounts for 12% more depower area!
  • NEW SAFETY LEASH:  The Safety Leash has been completely redesigned to offer more floatatIon, guaranteed protectIon and ease of handling. The moulded EVA constructIon covering the hook is softer and prevents lines from tangling; the hook itself can still be bent in two directIons. The EVA cover can be pulled back for easy hooking in and out to the suicide ring at the chicken loop. Of course the end of the leash still offers a safety release where it is attached to the harness. Consequently you are still able to release the kite completely at any time.

In 2013 North Kiteboarding introduced different line lengths ranging from 19 to 30 meters, as the length of the flying lines can make a huge difference in the way the kite flies. Different styles of riding, different kite models or the kite size can be influencing factors that require different line length. In order to further increase this synergy effect the 19 and 22 m lines come now on a medium bar (49 / 42 cm) and the 24, 27 and 30 m lines on a large bar (53 / 46 cm). The bar is the riders’ first point of contact with the kite. In order to achieve a maximum in comfort of riding it is essential to match the kite and the riders’ style of riding to the correct line length.

19m (70% Handling / 30% Power)
Super fast and reactive tuning speeds, shorter lines are best for extreme freestyle and crazy kiteloops. They are also eXcellent for wave riding, where kite turning speed is important. Wakestyle riders like the close connectIon to the kite too. The disadvantage is you lose some of the low end power.
- Fast and reactive turning
- For extreme Freestyle, Wakestyle and Waves
- Tight, super fast and hard kite loops

22m (60% Handling / 40% Power)
This is the favorite length of our freestyle and wave team! These 22m lines are still great for getting lots of speed from the kite, perfect for wave riding and freestyle. Not as extreme as the 19m lines, they still lose a bit of low end power.
- Reactive turning
- Fast kite loops
- Favorite set up from our freestyle riders
- Best choice for waveriding

24m (50% Handling / 50% Power)
The best choice for an all round length, good turning speed combined with good power make 24m the perfect choice for a lot of riders. Great for freeride, waves and freestyle.
- The most versatile length
- Great for all round freeriding
- Good low end and a good turning speed
- High jumps as you can “load” the lines
- The recommended size for a one bar quiver!!

27m (40% Handling / 60% Power)
The extra length means extra power, get a little more range out of your quiver by adding this bar with the longer lines. They are also great for jumping as you can really “load” the lines when you edge and send the kite back through the window.
- Enormous low end
- Huge jumps
- Lots of lift

30m (25% Handling / 75% Power )
The choice of the North Kiteboarding Race Team, longer lines mean even more power, but the kite turns at a slower rate. This suits racers looking for the ultimate in pull in the often gusty and light conditIons they are faced with.
- Perfect for light winds!
- Extra power
- North Kiteboarding Race Team approved

The bar is your first point of contact with the kite, Iit is the connectIon between you and your kite and it is important to get it right. And it’s actually an easy formula: The shorter the lines, the more direct and faster the kite turns. The longer the lines, the more power you can generate out of them! Choose a North Trust Bar, and choose the right line set up for your style of riding.

Never ride without the cover. It prevents the knot of the leader line from slipping out of its housing and increases stiffness. North has also integrated a new backline adjustment, which allows the rider to trim the rear lines as and when it is needed to do so. In additIon to this there is moulded EVA cushIoning to ensure maximum comfort for the rider.

North’s Trust Bar has a reworked Flip-Flop functIon, which is a lot easier to operate now. It allows you to switch between a 53cm and 46cm bar width (M/L bar) and 49 cm and 42cm bar width (S/M bar) with just one click. This makes the procedure of changing the bar set up far simpler.



  • EVA cushIoned winding post with flip-flop functIon for easy width adjustment
  • Vario cleat and sliding stopper for easy height adjustment
  • Integrated backline adjuster to trim rear lines
  • Fully integrated EVA floater to protect lines and rider
  • Exchangeable plastic center part insert
  • Moulded EVA floater for safety leash prevents line tangling



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