Demo 2022/2021 F-One Rocket Air 6'6 Foil Board V3 only used

Demo 2022/2021 F-One Rocket Air 6'6 Foil Board V3 only used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Wing Foilboard. Board sold as-is. 

Condition: A , board use only for demonstration. Some dirt on the back. Include 4x inserts, and leash 



The Rocket Air range is a line of inflatable board dedicated to foiling sports: Surf-foil, SUP-foil, Wing-foil, Wind-foil and even Kite-foil.

  • Easy to store and carry
  • Balanced and light for flying
  • Superior and extra stiff Dropstitch material

Starting at 4’10 (75l.) and going all the way to 7’11 (185l.) the line includes boards for all sports and all types of riders. They are developed following the same sizes & outlines as the rigid boards, they offer great stability with the extra volume brought by the inflatable technology. The foil position is also identical to the rigid boards and provide the same perfect balance for take-off and in flight.

  • The 5’4, 5’10 and 6’6 are ideal sizes for Wing foiling with a Swing, offering a variety of volumes to suit every

The Rocket Air boards are built using higher grade dropstitch with a fused, twin layer shell and a specific dropstitch pattern bringing extra stiffness which is essential to control the board properly when foiling. The weight of the board is incredibly light which makes them easy to handle and a lot of fun, even for advanced riders. Finally, the Rocket Air boards can all be stored in a small bag to be easily brought on for your next adventure.

Size Dimensions Vol. (L) Weight (Kg)**
4’10 152 x 56 cm x 12.7 cm 4’10 x 22″x 5″ 75 L 3.5
5’4 163 x 63 cm x 12,7 cm 5’4 x 25″x 5″ 90 L 4.5
5’10 178 x 73 cm x 12.7 cm 5’10 x 29″x 5″ 125 L 5.2
6’6 193 x 76 cm x 12.7 cm 6’6 x 30″x 5″ 140 L 5.8
7’2* 218 x 85 x 12.7 cm 7’2 x 34″ x 5″ 190 L 8.3
7’6* 227x 76 cm x 12.7 cm 7’6 x 30″x 5″ 168 L 7.4
7’11* 242 x 78 cm x 12.7 cm 7’11 x 31″x 5″ 185 L 8.2

*Fins included

**indicative value, subject to small variations due to the custom manufacturing process.


  • Drop Stitch - An incredible technology developed originally to make inflatable rescue airplanes! It was later on used by inflatable boat and canoe manufacturers. It is composed of a vertical stitch in-between the deck and the hull that keeps them parallel and extremely rigid. This allows the boards to be inflated up to 21 PSI.
    • NOTE: Some boards may show a larger or smaller bulge on the hull in the area of the inflation valve, or at the mast foot for the windsurf boards. This bulge is inherent to the ‘drop stitch’ technology used in the manufacturing process of your board, and doesn’t constitute a defect. Also, it does not affect in any way the behavior and/or reliability of your board. 

    Waterproof box
    Connected to the deck
    4 x M6 – 15mm tapered head


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