Demo 2019 OCEAN RODEO Flite 12m Used Kite Only

Demo 2019 OCEAN RODEO Flite 12m  Used Kite Only

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kitesurfing Kite Only. Kite sold as-is. Bar and pump not included but can be added.

Condition: A  no rips, tears, repairs, or leaks, Very good condition kite. 

Product Description:


The world’s lightest 3 strut kite.

Coming in at 5% lighter than last years model, the 14.5 M and 17 M Flites are the lightest 3 strut kites in the world. Comparable in weight to many competing single strut kites in the same size range.

So why is a super light 3 strut kite better than a light one strut or no strut kite?  Built to get you up and riding in the lightest winds, the stable 3 strut design then delivers the perform as you would expect from a high performance kite


    • increased stability

    • faster turning

    • hassle free water launch

    • better jumping

    • better high end wind range

    • better upwind

    • less flutter = less canopy wear.

    • 3 struts = more control, and more fun to ride in broader range of conditions.

Why compromise with no strut or one strut kites? The Flite – the worlds lightest 3 strut high performance kite!


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