DEMO Core Sensor 2s Pro Foil Control Bar Used

DEMO Core Sensor 2s Pro Foil Control Bar Used

Condition: B Some bear wear, lines in good condition. 


The new mid-sized bar (39/45cm) comes with an all-carbon design and super adjustable lines that are 20% thinner. Thinner lines reduce drag, improve steering, and help water relaunching in marginal conditions. The bar comes with 22m Tectanium Vario lines (16m+2m+4m) that are 300+kg rated. And for extra measure, we include 3m extensions in the bag to give you the option to foil with 25m line lengths. Sensor 2S Pro Foil. It's worth it.

  • Carbon Fiber Bar with Titanium Core
  • Full Techanium Vario 16m+2m+4m Line set
  • Full Techanium Light Wind 3m Line Extensions(Not Installed)
  • Ceramic Untwist
  • S-Neck
  • Techanium S-Slide Depower line
  • Rotor Quick Release
  • Supported Single Frontline Saftey (SSF)
  • Short Saftery Leash
  • Vario Bar Width 39cm/45cm
  • Above the Bar Sensor Trim Adjuster


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