Demo LATITUDE CITADEL 134X42 board only Used

Demo LATITUDE CITADEL 134X42 board only Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kiteboard. Kiteboard sold as-is.

Foot straps and fins not included. 

Condition: C. One tip damage . Board never been used. 

Product Description:

The Citadel boards evolved after prototyping & testing many boards with different shapes & construction methods.The goal was simply to make a board for every rider in any weight, wind range or style.The 2011 series of Citadel twintip boards has it all, whether you wish to pop for jumps or if you prefer smooth switches it for freeride tricks, it will do it all with ease. Super easy control with great performance. Lightlam wood Core - Flexible, hits absorber Tri axial & bi axial fiber glass - Strong & light construction Stiff PBT top & bottom cover.

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