Demo 2008 Best 47cm Redline Performance Bar Used

Demo 2008 Best 47cm Redline Performance Bar Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Control Bar.  Control bar sold as-is.

Condition: B  Floater in good condition. 

Product DescriptIon:

An entirely full-carbon bar molding allows for a lighter and stronger bar than
previously possible. The seamless constructIon increases the
size of the centre bush. Gently radiused and mirror polished, this centre hole
arrangement gives reduced drag when sheeting in and out for improved steering control. The
reinforced carbon centre of the bar also mates perfectly with Best's Stiffy Disc, locking the
chickenloop in place whenever you unhook. 

‘Colour-handed’ EVA bar grips with raised ‘finger form’ provides comfort whatever the
riding conditIons, ensuring you remain in control at all times. Revised bar ends come with
integral foam hand protectors for unhooking and kite-looping with maximum comfort.
The depower strap and swivel arrangement has been revised with the swivel positIoned under
the depower strap to facilitate easier un-spinning and ensure that the new front line selflanding
handles are always in the perfect positIon for deployment. An accessory front line
safety system will follow initial productIon.
The 2008 Best Bar is designed to be practical, versatile and above all else as safe as
possible, it is the perfect complement to the Waroo 08 and Nemesis HP SLE kites.


  • 2-Piece Stainless Bar Bushing
  • Front Line OSR Handles
  • Dual Depower Line with Stopper Ball
  • Rear Line OSR Handles
  • Stiffy Disc
  • Ergonomic Non-slip Grip
  • EVA Foam Bar End Bumpers
  • Below Trim-Strap Swivel
  • Metal-on-Metal Safety Release


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