Demo 2011 North Whip 5,7 Used Board only

Demo 2011 North Whip 5,7 used board only 

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Board Only. Board sold as-is.

Condition: B - Used board, scratches and scuffs from regular use 

 Product DescriptIon:

Searching for a little something to get you fired up on those small wave days? Well Northkiteboarding too and that's exactly how the North Whip was born! The North Whip is a short and wide high performance quad-fin design capable of making even the most marginal conditions fun.

Low entry rocker, deep single concave and an optimized thickness profile get the North Whip up and going quickly and effortlessly to generate blazing speed in small surf. Lively under your feet with quick rail to rail transition, the Whip accelerates out of tight arcs and is a blast to ride even in the smallest surf. The wide nose and tail of the North Whip give you plenty of surface area for carrying speed while also effectively creating the longest possible rail line to prevent sacrificing drive when the surf picks up. The classic diamond tail design blends with modernized performance aspects to create a board that can be ridden at least 4" shorter than your normal board allowing it to fit easily into the pocket of small waves.

North Whip 5´7" Wave-Kiteboard 170cm Facts:

-Quad fin
-Diamond tail
-Light wind planing
-High Performance
-Small wave destroyer
-Tightest turns

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