Demo 2015 Slingshot Turbine 17m Kitesurfing Kite Only Used

Demo 2015 Slingshot Turbine 17m Kitesurfing Kite Only Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kitesurfing Kite Only.  Kite sold as-is.  Bar and pump not included but can be added.

ConditIon: B+ No rips, tears, leaks, or scuffs. Moderately used.  

Product Description:

At Slingshot our philosophy has always been based on fun. Our goal is to design gear that will get you on the water in any riding conditIon. The 2015 Turbine creates a new definitIon for what is ride able by getting you up and going in wind speeds as low as 5-6 knots. We attribute the range and versatility of the 2015 Turbine to our proven Open Delta C platform and our 5-point cascading bridle attachment system. This critical combinatIon creates a consistent smooth feel throughout the power stroke along with direct bar input. Proven improvements include an aspect ratio and reduced LE diameter that work together to create more grunt and power without sacrificing turning speed, efficiency or upwind performance.

The Turbine has our proven mini strut technology that makes it a full structured five-strut kite. It achieves the same benefits in the air with no hassles on the beach.

Customer satisfactIon and feedback from our larger Turbine riders has been so positive we added a new 15 meter! The smaller Turbine is designed for light to medium weight riders or riders that are very efficient. The Turbine 15 combined with our new foil board is a deadly combinatIon in the lightest of wind.


  • Open Delta-C Design Platform
  • Splitstrut Integrated Design
  • Connect Forward
  • Wing Tip Struts
  • Low-Profile Wing Tips
  • AdditIonal Attachment Point
  • Auto-Trim Trailing Edge
  • Cascading 5-Point Bridle
  • Reflex Wingtip
  • Pulley-Less Bridle ConfiguratIon
  • Trailing Edge Shape
  • Tri-Tech ProtectIon
  • Surf Tough Seams
  • Legendary Slingshot ConstructIon
  • Slignshot One Pump
  • Lifetime Rider Support Hotline


The Turbine now comes with our new "One Pump Speed System." You will find the system dramatically reduces inflatIon effort during setup and speed at take down time.

Item # 126 

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