Demo 2021 Core Nexus 2 12m Kiteboarding Kite Only

Demo Core Kiteboarding Nexus 2 12m Kite Only

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kitesurfing Kite. Kite sold as-is. Bar and pump not included but can be added.

Condition: A+ Lightly used. No rips, tears, leaks, or repairs.

Product Description

All-round wave kite with freestyle and freeride features from Core

The Core Nexus. Two souls, one kite. Nexus means linking two things to each other in Latin. And that is what the Nexus does. Freestyle and wave come together in perfect balance as kitesurfing characteristics in the Core Nexus. A combination of the Core GTS5 and the Core Section2. You adjust the Nexus exactly the way you want it to be before every session, whether you go freestyle on the Brazilian lagoon or want to ride the barrel at One-Eye in Mauritius, the Core Nexus does what you want. Willow the waverider and Steven the megaloop champ both effortlessly show what the Nexus is capable of within their favorite kitesurfing style. With the help of the CIT (Core Intelligent Trim System) you can easily adjust the Core Nexus to Wave, All-round or Freestyle mode. Steven Akkersdijk likes high kiteloops so his favourite choice is the Nexus on CIT mode Freestyle. Willow prefers the biggest waves with fast bottom turns, so he goes for the CIT mode Wave.

The Core Nexus has a "Future C Shape" which is similar to that of the GTS with an adapted leading edge profile and tip ends of wave. This ensures that the Core Nexus steers super sharp and fast through the turns with extreme precision. You can go really fast through the bottom turn with a downloop without being pulled off your board, even in rough conditions!

The three strut design of the Core Nexus gives it the light weight profile that you want for a wave kite, but in combination with the CoreTex® Tripple ripstop and ExoTex® Dacron the stiffness, durability and extra performance are added which you need for massive megaloops and high jumps in strong wind. The new extra short bridle system from Core can also be found in the Nexus. Direct steering behavior and great feedback from the Core Nexus is the result. Almost as if you can control the Nexus with your mind.

The Core CIT ,Core Intelligent Trim, system is what gives the Core Nexus its super versatile character. Without this system, the Nexus wouldn’t be this versatile. Below you can read the different CIT positions with corresponding kitesurfing characteristics of the Core Nexus:

Core Nexus Wave setting

In the Wave setting, the Nexus steers extra fast for fat bottom turns. In addition, the Nexus has more depower in this setting so that the kite will not pull you off your board when you are ripping the biggest wave of your life strapless.

Core Nexus Freestyle setting

The freestyle setting makes the Nexus a bit slower and gives you a more direct feeling with the kite. This allows you to easily practice freestyle tricks and you always know where the Nexus is in the wind window. You also have more slack for the hardest handle passes.

Core Nexus All-round setting

The allround setting is the standard setting on the Nexus, this is the setting in which the Nexus comes out of the bag. In this CIT mode the Nexus has a bit more pull, it sends a bit slower but more hangtime (YEAH !!) and higher jumps. This is the best setting when you are a bit new to the kitesurfing sport and enjoy a relaxed kite.



  • Wave | Freestyle | Freeride kite
  • For beginner to advanced kite surfers
  • Future C design
  • Surf profile
  • Core Intelligent Trim System
  • Short bridle system
  • Three pulleys
  • Three struts
  • CoreTex® Triple ripstop
  • ExoTex® Dacron
  • GrinTex® reinforcements
  • Fast renaunch
  • Fast one-pump
  • Suitable for 4 lines with a high V split

     Core Nexus kite

    Core Nexus kite

    Core Nexus kite

    Core Nexus kite

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