Demo 2009 Best Kahoona V2 11.5M Kitesurfing Kite Only Used

Demo 2009 Best Kahoona V2 11.5M Kitesurfing Kite Only Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite: Kite sold as is with stuff sack. (Bar, Pump, Bag not included but can be added)

Grade: C+ Older model kite. No rips, tears, or leaks.

Product DescriptIon:

The 2009 Best Kahoona Kitesurfing Kite is the perfect choice for every rider looking for a super stable, easy-to-rig, easy-to-fly kite. A reduced aspect-ratio and swept leading edge make the Kahoona Best's quickest relaunching kite: it is the perfect kite choice for beginners and intermediate riders looking to maximize their progress every sessIon.  

A new for 2009 Redline Safety System control bar delivers instant safety-depower whenever you push the QR or drop the bar. With short bridles and only four flying lines there is nothing to wrap around the kite should you roll it while relaunching. Redline Safety System allows you to forget about the kite and concentrate on your riding.  

Best Kiteboarding's Quad-Strut swept-tip design helps minimize drag for faster, easier turning helping to improve low wind ability. Responsive handling, great downwind drift and auto-relaunch combine to help make the Best Kahoona the most evolved big-wave surf kite Best Kiteboarding has ever made.  

A new for 2009 VP2 mini-bridle provides the Kahoona with a large wind range and helps maximize stability in all riding conditIons, especially when riding unhooked or overpowered. Single point connectIons for front and rear flying lines simplify your rigging optIons and make the Kahoona incredibly quick and simple to set-up even for novice riders.  

The Kahoona's auto-relaunch, ease of set-up, large wind range and reliable safety will help make you progress faster than you thought was possible. It comes loaded with ease of use and safety features that are out of this world- at a surprisingly down to earth price.


  • Auto-Relaunch:  The swept back wingtip design and reduced aspect-ratio of the Kahoona combine to deliver near automatic relaunch in any conditIons. The Kahoona is the fastest relaunching Best kite making it perfect for beginners and big-wave surfers. 
  • Quad-Strut Design:  The leading edge shape and highly swept wingtips of the Kahoona allowed the R&D team to remove the centre strut from the airframe: with one less strut in the air the Kahoona is able to turn faster, with less drag and fly in less wind than would be possible with a 5 strut layout.  
  • Mini VP2 Bridle:  A short leading edge bridle provides exceptIonal shape support and effective distributIon of canopy loads across the entire kite: the Kahoona has stability that will encourage you to push your limits. VP2's innovative pivoting design provides maximum depower from minimum bar travel making kite control simpler than ever.  
  • Redline Safety System: Dropping the bar onto the leash or firing off the chickenloop QR cuff both activate our new front line safety system, placing the kite at maximum depower with very limited residual pull in the kite. A simple and effective safety-depower system that ensures your kite is ready to be relaunched as soon as you are.  
  • Reduced Aspect Ratio: A reduced tip-to-tip span and increased centre draft help provide maximum projected area without flattening out the kite: combined with the raked back wingtips these allow the Kahoona to provide eXcellent low end power in every kite size.  
  • Hi-Lo Tuning:  Because simplicity counts the Kahoona has only two rear flying line attachment settings, one for high wind and one for low wind: kite set up doesn't get any easier.
  • 3D Kevlar Airframe
  • Canopy Framing Technology
  • Surf-Tough Build Technology

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