Flysurfer Flow Kiteboard Complete

Flysurfer Flow Kiteboard Complete


Available Sizes:132x40.5 / 137x42 / 142x43 / 148x44 / 159 x 45 Yellow

The FLOW effortlessly improves your skills: playful, intuitive and comfortable. The lightweight board impresses with its upwind ability and directional stability. The harmonious coordination of flex and rocker make the FLOW glide perfectly in the most varied of conditions. The solid workmanship and material mix make the board the best training device for all body sizes. The FLOW offers fun at a fair price!
SIZES 132x40.5 / 137x42 / 142x43 / 148x44
SKILLS Beginner - Intermediate



The flat rocker curve keeps a large part of the board’s surface in the water. A flat profile means stability, better balance and continuous edge control. The board glides earlier.



Designed with a full-length wood core made of responsibly grown paulownia wood. The wood guarantees the optimal mix of: Flex, responsiveness and dynamic recovery force. The board retains huge amounts of strength and durability.



A wide board glides earlier, supports the balance and the water start.



A softly tuned board is forgiving, achieves lower top speed and is more comfortable to ride in choppy water.



A concave bottom allows water to be channeled in a certain direction, giving the board greater upwind ability and increased speed. The benefits are earlier planing, better control and increased directional stability.



All of our boards have a special high-quality, scratch-resistant UV coating to ensure a long product life. The board graphics are protected under the coating, so they will not get damaged even if the board is slightly scratched.
Go with the FLOW! Accelerate your learning curve with a no-fuss feel all-around board that boosts your confidence anytime, anywhere. The shape keeps things friendly underfoot, giving the board a playful character that maintains stability and control. The board flows naturally through the water, generating no water splash and comes to life with unmatched planing abilities. The twin tip is available in four sizes. The FLOW offers three stance options to adjust each binding perfectly to you. We recommend our carbon-reinforced SOLID 55 mm fins and the SQUAD pads & straps to get into the perfect FLOW.

Board Accessories

 The SQUAD is our premium kiteboard binding and builds on a solid base plate. It transfers your input reliably to the board and offers a variety of adjustment options to perfectly match your foot. Decide on magnificent support combined with comfortable shock absorption, slide over the water so relaxed that even Jesus becomes jealous!


The injection-moulded fins are made of carbon-reinforced polyamide that is particularly light, shockproof and robust. The shape and size of the SOLID 55mm support guidance and upwind performance, the perfect combination for the FLOW board line.

FLOW Kiteboard
SQUAD Pad-Strap-Set (incl. screws + washers)
SQUAD Grab Handle (incl. screws)
SOLID 55mm Fin-Set (incl. screws + washers)
FLOW Assembly Instruction

FLOW Kiteboard
SOLID 55mm Fin-Set (incl. screws + washers)
FLOW Assembly Instruction


Rider weight 50+ kg 70+ kg 80+ kg 90+ kg
Board size 132 x 40.5 cm 137 x 42 cm 142 x 43 cm 148 x 44 cm
Dusty Pink Ocean Dove Provence
Stance tight tight, neutral neutral neutral, wide
Fins 50-55 mm 50-55 mm 50-55 mm 50-55 mm
Weight 2,12 kg 2,26 kg 2,38 kg 2,50 kg

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