Hydroflyer™ CRUISER

Hydroflyer™ CRUISER


The Next Generation Of E-Foil Board Has Arrived

A cross between a hover-board, and a jet-ski, the Hydroflyer™ is the most advanced electric hydro-foiling board ever created.

Riding the Hydroflyer™ is a whole new sport.

As one rider describes it, “feels like a cross between a hoverboard, deep-powder snowboarding & flying, without any drag, bumps or shocks, just pure glide."

With speed settings that range from mild to wild, and industry leading rider safety features, the Hydroflyer™ was designed for beginners and professional thrill-seekers alike.

Built for riders of all skill levels, shapes and sizes, This is our most popular and user friendly model. Featuring handlebar mounts, reduced side-to-side rock and V-shaped nose entry for minimum resistance on touch downs. Can be ridden with handlebars or detach them to ride 'surf style'. Doubles as a motorized surfboard. A user-friendly & fun ride the whole family can enjoy. 


  • E-Foil Board With Deck Grip
  • Detachable Handlebars
  • Handheld Bluetooth Controller
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Mast & Propulsion System
  • Front Wing
  • Premium Charger
  • E-Foil Travel Case
  • E-Foil Board Bag
  • Accessories Pouch
  • Toolkit
  • Online User Manual

The world's coolest new water sport available to everyone.

Featuring Hydroflyer's Patented Next-Gen Technology

From big ocean swells to pristine, crystal clear lakes. The Hydroflyer™ was designed to suit the myriad of conditions mother nature can throw at you.

1. Designed For Comfort and Performance

Ergonomically designed handle grips, scooped deck for increased responsiveness and forward facing rider position reduces rider leg fatigue over long sessions.

2. Patented Stabilized Board Design

Unique V-nose board design slices through chop and minimizes water and air drag for easy liftoffs & landing. Reduced side-to-side rock makes it easier to balance and reduces falling.

3. Modular Design

Parts that are easy to swap mean you can customize or replace parts easily.

4. Patented Handlebars For Stability

Detachable handlebars make it easier to balance, reduces wipeouts and shortens the learning curve for beginners. Even first timers with zero prior experience can get up and enjoy it first go.

5. World Class Engineering

Scientifically designed and tested hydrofoil wings. Our ultra-efficient hydrofoil designs reduce drag and allow for maximum glide and reduced battery strain. This means faster speeds and longer ride time without needing to recharge.

A Whole New Experience - Just Add Water

How Does The Hydroflyer™ Work?

The Hydroflyer™ is a new and environmentally friendly way to experience flying over water.

The Hydroflyer™ is 100% electric, that means it requires no fuel, creates no fumes or pollution, recharges rapidly in any standard AC power outlet, and requires barely any maintenance.

Ride Of A Lifetime

Board, wing, speed and stability options catered for all skill levels and body types, the Hydroflyer™ was designed to make e-foiling accessible to everyone.

The perfect balance of speed, excitement, ease of use, and safety, there's an option to suit every rider.‍

If you’ve ever wanted to know how it feels to fly above water, you need to try this!

The Hydroflyer™ uses a wifi controller attached to the handlebars to control the speed. The controller feeds the signal to the onboard computer, which in turn signals the lithium battery to power on the virtually silent motor. Once the rider reaches a speed of around 4-5 knots, the power of lift and thrust begin to work their magic, and the Hydroflyer starts to lift out of the water.

That's when it feels like flying. There truly is no feeling in the world quite like it.

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