Hyperflex Pro Series Round Toe Boots

Hyperflex Pro Series Round Toe Boots

The Hyperflex  Pro Series Round Toe Boot is a high-performing and feature rich surf boot. Redesigned, the boot's fit-and-finish is better than ever, and Hyperflex gave it features that keep you warmer, more comfortable, and surfing as though you were barefoot. The boot uses Super-Stretch Foam a neoprene engineered for improved warmth and durability and has a diamond-skin sole which provides excellent traction and protection without losing feeling and control. Miniature diamond shaped channels provide consistent grip in all directions while allowing water to migrate away from in between the boot and the board. If you want the best, go with the Pro Boot.

Additional Features

  • High-Performing and Feature-Rich Surf Boot
  • Fit-and-Finish is Better-than-Ever
  • Warmer, More-Comfortable
  • Surf Like Your Barefoot!
  • Super-Stretch Neoprene: Engineered for Improved Warmth and Durability
  • Diamond-Skin Sole: Excellent-Traction and Protection
  • EXO-Shell+ Membrane: Vulcanized Heel Lock Membrane Structure
  • GBS Seams (Glued and Blind Stitched): Single-Needle Dose Not Puncture Holes All-the-Way-Thru-Neoprene
  • Taper-Lock Closure: High-Stretch, Tapered Panel Sewn on Boot Entry

Boot Size Chart
Boots are made in standard US sizes. Sizes shown are Men's. Women should order one size down from their normal size. Example: Women who wear a women's size 8 should order a men’s size 7.
SIZES for Men & Women:
5 Men / 6 Women
6 Men / 7 Women
7 Men / 8 Women
8 Men / 9 Women
9 Men / 10 Women
10 Men / 11 Women
11 Men / 12 Women
12 Men / 13 Women
13 Men / 14 Women
14 Men / 15 Women
15 Men / 16 Women
16 Men / 17 Women

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