IKO Assistant Instructor Course

Course Takes 5 Days to Complete 

***This course is a PREREQUISITE to the Instructor Training Course

Why train as an Assistant Instructor? Are you interested in landing a job as an Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor, or do you want to start your pro Kiteboarding career and need to gain experience to attend an IKO Instructor Training course?

Either way, the Assistant Instructor training program is for you! Becoming an Assistant Instructor is a great way to gain experience to prepare for a professIonal career, or simply discover what an Instructor's job is all about!
If you intend on registering for an ITC (Instructor Training Course to become a Level 1 Instructor) then this course is mandatory. In sum, it is the best way to unite your passIon with your job - and you can start your training as young as 16 years old.

Not only does the Assistant Instructor program provide you with hands-on experience, but it also helps build great teaching and organizatIonal skills. In additIon, you will learn more about the equipment, how to prepare and use it properly, how to follow the fundamental safety principles, and much more.  Lastly, becoming an Assistant Instructor also provides you with the opportunity to fully discover how a Kiteboarding center works.

Assistant Instructor benefits

  • Access to the Pro Area of the IKO website
  • Priority over other candidates for enrollment in ITCs
  • Be able to purchase IKO Kiteboarder Insurance (where available)
  • Be able to purchase IKO products at Pro prices
  • Access to the job opening listings on the IKO website and post a seeking employment ad viewable to IKO Centers and points
Assistant Instructor is qualified to
  • Manage the equipment organizatIon and maintenance
  • Teach one student at a time up to level 1/C (under supervisIon of L2)
  • Supervise the safety of 1 kiteboarders from level 2/I and above (under supervisIon of L2)
  • Assist an Instructor level 1 or level 2 or higher, with launching and landing procedures and informatIon transmissIon during a course (under supervisIon of L2)
Assistant Instructor commitments
  • Respecting the standards set by IKO
  • Renew membership every year
Assistant Instructor prerequisites
  • Be at least 16 years old (Candidates under 18 years old must obtain parental consent)
  • Be certified as an IKO Member Level 3 for at least 6 months (**Must be able to stay upwind, ride in both directIons, ride toeside, and  jump and land in both directIons)
  • Have a valid first aid and CPR certificate
  • Must be able to read and write
Training schedule
Assistant Instructors are trained by IKO Instructors level 2 and above. The training is organized in 4 steps, and is completed in a minimum of 5 days
There is an evaluatIon of your competencies (kiteboarding knowledge, practice level), and an evaluatIon of your theoretical competencies (level check and update of knowledge).  A visit to a kiteboarding school also takes place during the first day, in order for you to better understand the way a Center functIons (bookings, equipment storage, spot set-up ...).
The third step involves working with your instructor level 2 in live situatIon. During this stage of the training, you will act as Assistant Instructor for at least 10 hours of lesson time.

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