Mystic Majestic Surf Daypack / Single Boardbag

Mystic Majestic Surf Daypack / Single Boardbag


  • 8mm padding
  • Expandable fin compartment
  • Reinforced fin areas inside
  • Solar reflective fabric
  • Ergonomical shoulder strap (adjustable/detachable)
  • EVA formed shoulder patch
  • Carry handles
  • 3D mesh airvent
  • Transparent inner pocket (2x)
  • Heavy duty zipper


  • HXcomb shell
  • PVC coated 600D polyester
  • Heavy duty tarpaulin (inside)


HXcomb shell

Padded PVC coated hexagon ripstop fabric that protects your gear by taking all the beatings in transportation.


Expandable fin compartment

Extend the bag for traveling when the fins are still attached to your board.

Reinforced fin areas inside

Extra protection to prevent wear from the sharp edges of your fins.

Solar reflective fabric

When your bag faces the sun: turn the grey panel towards it to keep your material cool and/or prevent your wax from melting.

Ergonomical shoulder strap (adjustable/detachable)

Shoulder strap with adjustable positions and length for the perfect weight balance and comfort. Detach the strap and store it in the strap garage after check-in.

EVA formed shoulder patch

Pre-formed shoulder patch for a more comfortable feeling on the shoulder.

3D Mesh airvent

Extra large air vents integrated in the fabric to keep your gear in the best condition, even when it's still wet.

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