Ozone Flow V1 Wing

Ozone Flow V1 Wing

Sizes:2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.3m, 5m, 5.7m

Colors: Orange, Bright Green, Rubine Red

NOTE: Please indicate your top wing color priorities in the order note!!


The FLOW gets its name because this wing has been developed to help you find your Flow state! Ideally suited for freerider progression, it’s also a total weapon for dedicated wave riders and those looking to jump and throw freestyle moves.

Our aim was to make a wing with a greater sense of control to help riders accelerate their riding progression, from tacking and gybing, to jumping or wave riding, the Flow is designed to smoothly deliver what you need.

When it comes to improving the fluidity and ease of your riding, the extended front carbon handle offers the advantages of a boom, like flying the wing one handed and easy hand placement, yet it packs small and doesn’t need to be removed after your session.

The Flow and Flux wings share DNA, however the Flow has a reduced span and lower aspect ratio than the Flux, offering more low end power and easier handling.

The Flow is a fully featured design and also includes harness line attachments for when you’re ready to ride faster, harder and for longer with less arm fatigue in stronger conditions.

Key Features:

  • Do-it-all freeride wing
  • Rigid carbon handles
  • New longer front handle for one handed control
  • Ideal for wave riding with compact span
  • Speed and lift for jumping
  • New semi-rigid depower/surf handle for excellent control when flagged out
  • Lightweight handling
  • Strong build quality

The Flow has a responsive, lightweight and easy feel. Delivering both progressive power with good low end torque to get you up on foil, it also has range to handle stronger winds and speed without losing control. Highly manoeuvrable and yet incredibly stable overhead, tacks and gybes are made easy when passing the wing from hand to hand, giving you time to relax and complete the manoeuvre.

The extended front handle allows for balanced one handed steering, opening up all sorts of expressive carving manoeuvres in flat water. Instead of riding with a locked-in two-handed position, you can maintain power and control while holding the wing out to the side in one hand, offering a very fluid and free feeling.

If your primary aim is riding waves and swells, whatever the size and quality, the Flow is for you. The span and aspect-ratio are perfectly tuned to help prevent wing tip touchdowns and to provide a beautiful centre of power when riding one handed.

The extended front handle is also particularly good for wave riding where you might quickly want to switch between powered up sailing and drifting. In small wave conditions, or in cross-onshore wind swell, it’s not always worth the big movement to grab the surf handle. The Flow’s longer front handle allows you instead to find a balance point to steer the wing one handed and still benefit from having a little pull from the wing.

The Flow is equipped with a new semi-rigid surf handle that gives you even more control and prevents the wing inverting. In good waves there’s nothing like ripping back and forth with a beautifully balanced wing drifting obediently behind you.

The Flow's compact design, tight sail, on-tap power, rigid handles, excellent manoeuvrability and impressive boost capabilities make it a great choice for freestylers. It’s fast for spinning and is excellent if you want to get inverted as the sail behaves well when going from positive to negative loads. No matter if you are just starting to get air or a seasoned freestyler; the Flow ticks all the boxes.

We’ve used the reliable and rugged Teijin dacron on the leading edge and struts to provide excellent resistance to flex and abrasion. The canopy  is made from Teijin’s proven 55g triple ripstop because this is a wing designed for constant action.

As with all our products we were able to save weight but still ensure integrated strength is built in throughout. The Flow is made with great care by the hands of our expert team of sewers in our manufacturing facility. Using our custom OzCAD design software developed in-house, every stitch and square inch of material placement is carefully calculated and results in a super clean finish and well tensioned sail.  

Each part of the Flow’s design has been tailored to create an all-round performance wing with a mid-price range on which any intermediate through to expert wingfoiler can rip on without restraint.


  • Control and comfort, even during long sessions
  • Smooth overhead, excellent control during tacks and gybes
  • Adaptability to perform in different wave conditions
  • Increased control when flagged out
  • Direct response handling
  • Large power range
  • Speed and lift for jumping



  • Reduced span and lower aspect ratio provide accessible all-round performance
  • EVA covered, rigid, carbon fibre handles offer direct control and comfort
  • Semi-rigid de-power/surf handle
  • Stiff airframe for direct response performance
  • Spanwise seam orientation helps spread the loads into the sail, reducing deformation.
  • Expert sewing and material placements ensure light weigh performance with integrated strength

Size                 Leading Edge              Strut
2.4                   10 psi                          10 psi
3                      10 psi                          10 psi
3.6                   9 psi                           9 psi
4.3                   8 psi                           9 psi
5                      7 psi                           8 psi
5.7                   7 psi                           8 psi
Size                 Water              Land / Snow
2.4                   18-35               11-28
3                      16-33               10-26
3.6                   14-31               9-24
4.3                   12-29               8-22
5                      10-25               7-20
5.7                   8-23                 6-18
Wind range is indicative only based on an average rider weight of 80kg. Actual range will vary based on rider skill level and type of board/foil/skis used

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