Slingshot G 1000 (1355 cm2) Front Wing V1

Slingshot G 1000 (1355 cm2) Front Wing V1

Glide / Speed / Control

Featuring a medium-to high-aspect shape that offers rock-solid stability and plenty of low-end get up and go, our G Series wings are all about maximizing glide efficiency. The G Series wings deliver enduring drive, glide, and pump performance that you'll never outgrow.

Package Includes:

Phantasm G 1000 Front Wing, Hardware (316 Stainless Steel Torx), Neoprene Wing Cover

The largest of our three sizes of medium/high-aspect, carbon-fiber G Series front wings, the G 1000 is all about maximizing glide, pump, and drive efficiency. As the largest of the three G Series wings, the G 1000 has the best glide characteristics.


SURFACE AREA (cm2) = 1355
SPAN (mm) = 1000
CHORD (mm) = 171

Why We Made It

We wanted a medium/high-aspect carbon-fiber front wing that was all about glide without sacrificing low-end get up and go.


Why You'll Love It

  • Incredible gliding and pumping performance.
  • Rail-to-rail stability.
  • Early lift.
  • Generate tons of lift from carving.

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