WINGFOILING Beginner Clinic

Combine our Wingfoiling and e-Foiling classes with this Clinic!

e-foils are a great way to learn the basics of foiling. 


We can get you on the water to learn! Wing boarding or Wing foiling involves flying a handheld wing while riding on a board and or foil board.  We teach in a safe, flat water location on the Great South Bay to make the learning process easier. NY Kite Center offers the best place to practice wingboarding on Long Island and New York! We have boat and Jetski support to help support the learning process.  All gear included in lessons except for wetsuit and booties, which are available for rental or purchase at NY Kite Center. 

This course will cover:

  • Wing handling and safety
  • Flying the Wing to generate power
  • Taxiing while kneeling on a board
  • Proper board stance for riding
  • Foiling concepts

If you have no foiling experience you may want to take a foil lesson as well:

Foiling lessons are not WING specific but can be for any foiling discipline

**NYKC Conducts Kiteboarding Lessons Rain or Shine! 

**(Pricing is per person. This lesson offers small group instruction and an individualized approach to learning.)


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