September 19, 2015

Summerbash & Naish Demo with Hope LeVin!

We are having an exciting weekend here at NY Kite Center! Summerbash 2015 is going on Saturday September 19th 2015 at 7pm (sweet raffle items)! Sunday September 20th Pro kiteboarder Hope LeVin from Naish Kiteboarding will be holding a demo showing us the 2016 Naish Kiteboarding line up. Woo hoo! Kiteboarding is fun! View full article →
August 31, 2015

Kiteboarding is fun!

Kiteboarding is fun, would you agree? If you are unsure, please come and take a lesson and you will soon find out, it is indeed fun! NY Kite Center is the perfect place to learn to kite or enjoy an Afternoon delight! View full article →
August 11, 2015

Bermuda High Provides Record Number Days of Kiteable SW Wind

We have been blessed with wind this season almost everyday for the past month! This is mostly caused by a weather pattern know as a Bermuda High, coupled with afternoon thermals... View full article →