2023 Cabrinha 03 Contra Aether Kite

2023 Cabrinha 03 Contra Aether Kite


Sizes : 3m, 4m, 5m, 7m, 9m, 11m

There is something truly liberating and free when riding a Hydrofoil. This is further heightened when you are able to ride in winds that were not previously thought possible. Conditions where the water is still, and the only noise is the apparent wind in your ears as you glide across the ocean.
The Contra Aether has proven its self as a bench mark in the single strut kite realm. A kite that not only allows you explore these threshold winds, but also keeps you in control when the winds pick up, or you change your choice of board.
The single strut design and the use of the Hybrid Frame and HRD Lite materials, gives you an incredibly nimble and light kite to fly, allowing you to use much smaller sizes of product to maximize foil boardings true potential. Feather weight control and amazing drift characteristics allow you focus on your riding and not the kite.


1 Strut, Hybrid design, Low drag wing tips, Draft forward profiles


NEW: Refined lightweight canopy design for reduced weight and reactive performance

NEW: Sprint 3.0

NEW: Ultralite bladders for an overall lighter weight kite

NEW: Trailing edge EVA rigidity battens

NEW: HTD Hybrid Frame

NEW: Durable TPU Leading edge bumpers

Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness

Pure profile panels for efficient aerodynamics

Key Features


The ultra lightweight 1-strut design shaves weight off allowing for increased use in threshold winds.


Minimalistic - Through intensive research and development the Contra Aether comes with one rear line attachment option. Simply put, this is the best possible option straight out of the bag.


Even in the lightest of wind conditions the Contra 1S gives you the confidence to try tricks knowing any mishaps won’t mean a swim in.


Superior drift characteristics allow for low angles of attack while on the foil. Rear line tension is carried through even when depowered.


Designed with the main focus to be ridden in the threshold winds where most kites can't perform.


Single strut design allows the kite to twist and react like no other.

Size 4m 5m 7m 9m 11m
Wind Range in Knots (75kg rider) Hydrofoil 13-27 11-24 8-20 7-17 5-15

Wind Range in Knots (75kg rider) TT/Surf
18-30 15-29 12-25 10-23 9-20

Weight of Kite (kg) Without Bag

(Tolerances may vary)

1.32 1.5 1.86 2.22


The Frame is the basis on which a kite is built.  Utilizing a fusion of the two HTD materials as well as a reduced weight throughout the trailing edge, the Hybrid Frame provides the response and durability needed to take your kiting to an all-new level.


The new Sprint 3.0 inflation system increases air flow from leading edge to the strut. The new straight and angled valves allow for no kinking of the inflation tube. It's secure fit design also allows for easy maintenance.


Bulletproof bumpers - These new Durable TPU bumpers are strong, lightweight and durable. They crossover protecting the canopy to LE sewing. A new manufacturing process helps with abrasion when the kite is resting on a hard surface.

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