2023 North Atmos Carbon Twintip Kiteboard

2023 North Atmos Carbon Twintip Kiteboard

Big Air / Freeride

sizes: 133x40cm, 136x41cm, 139x42cm, 142X43cm

A dynamic ride with powerful upwind, precise edge control, rapid response and explosive pop. Reach earth’s atmosphere with the Atmos Carbon, our premier high-performance freeride board for mega-boosting, looping and controlled landings. The Atmos Carbon has been master-crafted by our skilled engineers, who have carefully positioned the full carbon laminate layup to provide balanced torsional stiffness and flex. The harmony created between outline, rocker and flex makes this the ultimate all-terrain board. Designed to ride overpowered with ease and control, yet still enabling early planing and low-end performance. For 2023 all North TwinTips feature the new FlipTech Mounting System, with centreline inserts for added rail longevity.


Board, TwinTip Accessory Kit


  • Premium carbon performance
  • Precise responsive edge control
  • Impact-absorbing single concave to quad channels
  • New Centreline Inserts for extended rail life
  • Medium rocker
  • Medium-high outline curve with NEW tip shape
  • Dynamic flex
  • Lightweight impact resistant eco core
  • Durable ABS rail
  • Stainless M6 standardised hardware
  • Integrated grab rail
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 40mm Fins included
  • Recommended with flex blindings


Premium carbon performance

The refined carbon laminate layup delivers a dynamic and responsive high-performance ride. Thoughtfully selected and arranged combination of woven roving and biaxial carbon fibre fabrics and unidirectional reinforcements provides an extremely fast response when loaded, with greater torsional and longitudinal board flex.


Precise responsive edge control

Unrivalled edge control for powerful upwind tracking and Big Air boosts in even the most overpowered conditions. The harmonious equilibrium between rocker, outline and flex creates a board with quick response perfect for lining up that kicker, edging hard and boosting high.


Impact-absorbing single concave to quad channels

The contoured bottom shape absorbs impact by breaking the water surface tension, and ensures stable and predictable landings.


Medium rocker

Allows for early planing and riding overpowered with ease.


Medium-high outline curve with pulled-in tips

Delivers easy carving through turns and always provides optimised grip.


Dynamic flex

The flex characteristic of every TwinTip Board is determined by multiple features built into each specific design.


Lightweight, impact resistant paulownia wood core

Paulownia is a highly renewable hardwood species, with one of the highest strength to weight ratios.


Durable ABS rail

For long-lasting, impact-resistant performance.


Stainless M6 standardised hardware

Standardised SS316 M6x16mm hardware across all twin tip boards and accessories enables the use of the same PH3 screwdriver for assembly and makes replacement of parts super easy.


Integrated Grab Rail

Integrated into deck shape to provide easy grip for board-offs.


Ergonomic handle

Lightweight and ergonomic TPE material with ultimate grip when wet.


40mm Fins included

Strong, abrasion resistant composite fins with dogbone washers and M6x16mm standardised screws.


FlipTech Mounting

For 2023, all of the North TwinTip boards our new FlipTech Mounting System, with centreline inserts.

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